E-commerce: More Competition in Costa Rica
Monday, January 18, 2021
Mawi and Tenndo are recently created digital platforms that in the Costa Rican market will be dedicated to commercialize services and products of SMEs and independent professionals through the Internet.
Given the accelerated emergence of the new commercial reality and the change in people's consumption habits, online sales have gained ground, since due to the covid-19 outbreak consumers prefer to stay at home longer.

Online sales business opportunities have multiplied in recent months, a phenomenon that is being taken advantage of by entrepreneurs seeking to satisfy the demand of consumers, who are now more willing to buy over the Internet.

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In Costa Rica, more and more digital platforms are competing. Review Elfinancierocr.com that Mawi, is a is an option in which "... small businesses and independent workers and professionals can offer their products and services online."

Mawi, which has been available to the public since December 2020, also offers services such as domestic work or vehicle repair and maintenance.

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In the case of Tenndo, it is a platform of the technological firm 4Geeks, and will be launched next February.

Yerleyn Arroyo, in charge of marketing and sales of 4Geeks, explained that "... the platform is focused on SMEs. It has the support of big companies, but it is focused on SMEs. The companies will be able to make the test for a week and in case they don't want to continue, a month is given to eliminate the information and account."

Source: elfinancierocr.com
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Source: elfinancierocr.com
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