Economic Development Zone Begins Operations
Monday, November 30, 2020
In Guatemala, the "Puerta del Istmo", a Special Public Economic Development Zone located in Pajapita, department of San Marcos, began operating.
In October 2019 CentralAmericaData reported that Guatemalan authorities had approved the operation of a Special Public Economic Development Zone (ZDEEP) called "Puerta del Istmo". The complex located in San Marcos became the second EPZ to receive approval, as the first to be approved was "Michatoya Pacifico."

Puerta del Istmo, located 1.3 kilometers from the border with Mexico, covers an area of 77 thousand square meters, but, currently concluded with the construction of a 5 thousand square meter warehouse.

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Byron Gaitan, general manager of the Free Zone of Industry and Commerce (Zolic), told that "... the projection for the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment amounts to approximately Q150 million ($19 million), which is what the operations of Puertas del Istmo are aimed at."

The article adds that "... Puerta de Istmo has the capacity to expand to 3 million square meters, and the users that have been approached are Mexican industrialists that want to produce in Guatemala and national businessmen that want to export to the south of Mexico."
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New Economic Development Zone Endorsed
December 2020
In Guatemala, the Miel Verde project, Special Public Economic Zone, was approved. In its first phase of development, it will require an investment of close to $4 million and will be located in the municipality of Río Hondo, department of Zacapa.
The new special zone will have a total area of 23,544 square meters, however, in the first phase only an area of approximately 5,173 square meters will be developed.
Second Economic Development Zone Approved
October 2019
The second project was authorized in Guatemala to install a Special Public Economic Development Zone, which will require an initial investment of $16 million and will be located in Pajapita, department of San Marcos.
"Puerta del Istmo" is the name of the industrial park, which will be on a 160-hectare site and will house industrial and logistics companies. In its first phase it will require a $4 million investment and in its second phase it plans to invest $12 million.
Free Trade Zones: More Companies and Industrial Parks
October 2019
In the Dominican Republic, approvals were granted for the development and operation of four new industrial parks, as well as the respective permits to install 12 new companies in free trade zones.
In the case of the new parks, these will be located in Boca Chica, Valverde, San Cristobal and Santiago, reported the National Council of Export Processing Zones (CNZFE).
Economic Development Zones: Projects Move Forward
July 2019
Puerta del Istmo, Centro Logístico Quetzal and ZDEEP Piedras Negras, are the projects advancing in Guatemala in the process of becoming Zones of Special Public Economic Development.
After the Santo Tomás de Castilla Free Trade and Industry Zone (Zolic) approved in April
the first Special Public Economic Development Zone (ZDEEP) called "Michatoya Pacifico"
, which is on the Puerto Quetzal, Escuintla Highway, there are three other projects that have begun the process to establish.
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