El Salvador: New Union of Footwear Companies
Thursday, March 2, 2017
The new Chamber of the Footwear Industry and related companies includes, as members, 280 national manufacturers of 10 different product lines.

The new group will focus on developing "... projects for access to technology, joint marketing and procurement of raw materials at a lower price, with the aim of reducing production costs."

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The president of Calzaes, Fernando Monterrosa, told Elmundo.sv that   "... the entire footwear sector includes 280 companies nationwide, which generate 4,000 permanent jobs and produce 10 different product lines. With this partnership, Calzaes brings together 200 producers from all of the industry value chains at the national level."

Source: elmundo.sv
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Source: elmundo.sv
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October 2017
The union, made up of private companies and non-profit organizations, will focus on promoting recycling and reducing waste production in the country.
The first figures on recycling activities in the country indicate that of the approximately 3,800 tons of garbage that are generated daily, only 5% is recycled. According to the new business chamber, in other countries the percentage of reuse reaches up to 50%.
Guatemala: New Food Companies Guild
July 2017
Forty-two companies make up the new Guatemalan Chamber of Food and Beverages.
Roberto Herrarte, new executive director of the Guatemalan Chamber of Food and Beverages (CGA) explained to Prensalibre.com that "...The creation of the guild is due to the exponential growth of the food sector in the country." 
Nicaragua: Cocoa Producers Guild
September 2015
The new chamber will focus on collecting data on the actual production of cocoa in the country, improving competitiveness, and seeking business opportunities abroad.
The newly formed Nicaraguan Chamber of Cocoa (Canicacao) intends to professionalise cocoa production in the country, mainly to improve the genetics of plantations, implement new irrigation systems and technology to improve crop productivity and consequently sales abroad.
Business Chamber Nicaragua - South Korea
June 2013
The Nicaraguan-Korean Association for Development is looking to promote investment in agribusiness and automotive areas.
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