Fertilizers: Regional Purchases Up 4% in 2020
Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Last year, Central America assigned $784 million to fertilizer imports, 4% more than in 2019, with Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador being the markets that accounted for the increase in regional purchases.
Figures from the Trade Intelligence Unit of CentralAmericaData:

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Regional Business Variation
Between 2019 and 2020, the imported volume of fertilizer registered a 22% rise, increasing from 2.19 million tons to 2.69 million tons.

For the periods in question, the value of imports rose by 4%, from $752 million to $784 million.

Guatemala, Main Buyer
In 2020, the main importer of fertilizers in Central America was Guatemala with $210 million, followed by Honduras with $162 million, Costa Rica with $158 million, Nicaragua with $86 million, El Salvador with $81 million and Panama with $71 million.

Regarding the year-on-year variation of purchases, four of the six countries recorded increases. In Honduras, imports grew 19%, while in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala they increased by 17%, 14% and 11%, respectively.

Costa Rica and Panama were the markets that recorded negative variations, reporting drops of 6% and 21%, respectively.

Main Suppliers in the Region
Last year, 27% of the value of imports from Central America came from Russia, 15% from China, 9% from the USA, 8% from Canada, 5% from Mexico, 5% from Norway, 3% from Estonia and 3% from Trinidad and Tobago.

Russia is the market of origin of imports that has grown the most in recent years, since in 2012 it represented 18% of total purchases and in 2020 that proportion rose to 27%.

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