Free Trade Zone Announces Ambitious Investment Plan
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
America Free Zone, located in Heredia, Costa Rica, plans to execute an investment plan in the next few years totaling close to $120 million and contemplates the implementation of electro-lane stations and the construction of new infrastructure.
Executives of the business complex informed that up to now they offer their clients 200 thousand m2 of space for business activities, but the medium-term plans are to add another 60 thousand m2.

The objective of the directors of America Free Zone (AFZ) is to turn the free trade zone into an intelligent business city, in which its clients can meet their main needs without having to leave the premises.

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Besides the new construction projects, AFZ will invest in the implementation of electric vehicles.

According to, "... complementary investments will begin with the acquisition of electric cars to transport clients and collaborators within the complex. Six electric gas stations will be installed and an electric bus will also be incorporated, with a continuous route throughout the business city."

Jose Benavides, general manager of AFZ, said that the objective is "... to move away from the free trade zone concept because people associate it with manufacturing or maquilas. We chose the concept of an intelligent business city because we want to develop all the services that can be found in a city. We already have a sports area, coworking, heliport, and we are working with other institutions to include improvements in the immediate surroundings."
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Free Trade Zones: Green Light for New Investments
February 2021
The Panamanian government issued a favorable concept for the establishment and operation of five free trade zones in the country, which together project an investment of $22 million.
The free trade zones, which will develop diverse economic activities such as agribusiness, scientific research centers, storage of goods, international trade, fruit processing and agricultural production, among others, will be located in the provinces of Panama, Chiriqui and Herrera, informed the Presidency of Panama.
New Economic Development Zone Endorsed
December 2020
In Guatemala, the Miel Verde project, Special Public Economic Zone, was approved. In its first phase of development, it will require an investment of close to $4 million and will be located in the municipality of Río Hondo, department of Zacapa.
The new special zone will have a total area of 23,544 square meters, however, in the first phase only an area of approximately 5,173 square meters will be developed.
Free Trade Zones: More Companies and Industrial Parks
October 2019
In the Dominican Republic, approvals were granted for the development and operation of four new industrial parks, as well as the respective permits to install 12 new companies in free trade zones.
In the case of the new parks, these will be located in Boca Chica, Valverde, San Cristobal and Santiago, reported the National Council of Export Processing Zones (CNZFE).
Tax Benefits for Companies in Special Zones
February 2019
The regulation for Special Public Economic Development Zones, which came into effect in Guatemala on February 4, establishes fiscal incentives for companies operating under this scheme.
Among the tax benefits provided by the Law on Special Public Economic Development Zones (ZDEEP), include the exemption for 10 years of 100% of income tax, as well as the temporary suspension of taxes associated with imports.
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