Guatemala: Food Safety Training Course
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
From June 21 to May 30 the Guatemalan Exporters Association will give a program on food safety, workplace safety and hygiene in the workplace.
From a statement issued by the Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport):

In order to help companies and producers meet the highest levels of compliance with quality, safety, and workplace safety and environmental hygiene, the School of Foreign Trade, will be holding a post Graduate course on Safety and environmental management in international trade from 21 June 2014 to 30 May 2015 ."

In this graduate program, participants will learn the principles for managing food safely throughout the supply-chain from business to consumer, such as illness transmitted via food, quality assurance systems, constraints to the implementation of quality management systems, market access regulations, good agricultural practices, among others.

Among the professionals who will teach the course are, Luis Alberto Palacios, manager of the company Integral Consulting Group, Wilfredo Fernandez, with experience in Production Management in Food Plants; Carlos Thomas, Manager and Owner of theCompany Consultores en Protección Integral y Logística and Edgar Mota, consultant on implementation of Quality Assurance and Safety Protocol Systems.
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From a note by the Guatemalan Exporters Association (AGEXPORT):
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Integral Grupo Consultor Consultores en Protección Integral y Logística
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