Guatemala Grants Iron Sands Exploration License
Monday, May 10, 2010
The Director General Mining of Guatemala issued an Off-Shore Reconnaissance License to G4G Resources and Iron Sands Americas.
The license will permit G4G and Iron Sands Americas Limited ("ISA") to conduct a work program to determine suitable areas for the commencement of an iron sands exploration program.

Guatemala's west coast extends approximately 250 kilometers. The titanomagnetite iron sands span the entire coastline, terminating near bordering El Salvador and continue westward into Mexico.

Basil Botha, President and CEO stated, "After assessing a variety of iron sands occurrences in a number of countries, the coastal iron sands deposits in Guatemala have demonstrated the potential to be prolific sources of iron, with potentially low cost recovery and shipping costs. The iron sands are well-placed on the Pacific west coast to supply the fast developing Asian iron and steel markets. In terms of comparison, the Guatemala iron sands exhibit similar technical specifications to the world class iron sands deposits in New Zealand, which have been mined and beneficiated into steel products since the 1970s."
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Guatemala Rejects Study to Exploit Iron
April 2011
The regulatory agency did not approve the Environmental Impact Study submitted by the company Tikal Minerals, a subsidiary of Maya Iron Corporation.
According to legal proceedings transcript 2010-537, The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) states that the proposed project "Central Porvenir" (LEXR 037-2009) was not approved.
Guatemala: Iron Exploration in 300 km2 of Coast
November 2010
G4G Resources and Iron Sands Americas will conduct a sample study in an area of 300 square km on the Guatemalan coast.
G4G explained that the study will help forecast the potential commercial value of iron extracted from the coasts.
Guatemala Iron Sand Exploration
October 2010
The Ministry of Energy and Mines extended in six months the license to G4G Resources to explore the iron sands on the pacific shores.
The Ministry of Mines and Energy had granted in April a license to explore an area of 2,492 square kilometers.
Iron Exploration in Guatemala Gives Good Results
August 2010
Tikal Minerals, G4G and Iron Sands have confirmed that preliminary studies indicate that the exploitation of iron sands is feasible.
Tikal Minerals, which has three exploration licenses, commented that it may be possible to obtain an annual average of 10 million tons of iron, located 10 meters below ground. It is estimated that up to 12% of world iron deposits may be located on Guatemalan soil.
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