Guatemala: Legal Battle for Dairy Substitute
Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Once again health and safety approval has been rejected for the product Nutrileche made by the Mexican company Lala, as it did not meet the minimum requirements to be considered as milk.
With this latest effort, there have now been a total of fourteen attempts by the company Productos Lácteos de Centroamérica, SA, a subsidiary of Mexico's Grupo Lala, to register the Nutrileche brand in Guatemala. Among the reasons given for not approving the health permit is the fact that the product, a dairy substitute, does not meet the minimum requirements to be considered as milk. reports that "... The Constitutional Court of Guatemala granted an interim appeal to the Dairy Development Association which effectively suspends the health and safety approval for the brand name Nutrileche. Because of this the product does meet the legal requirements needed in order to be sold in this country without being considered misleading advertising. "

He adds that "... The Lala Group submitted an application to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Food at the Guatemalan Ministry of Health to renew the health record for Nutrileche, which expired on March 30, 2014. But it was rejected because the Guatemalan Standards Commission concluded that its content of 5.5 grams of protein per 250 milliliters is equivalent to 2.2%. That is less than the 3.2% needed to to be considered as milk in Guatemala".
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Nicaragua Resumes Exports of Milk to Costa Rica
July 2016
Health authorities in Costa Rica have given their endorsement to two plants belonging to Grupo Lala in Nicaragua so that they can once again market their products.
The authorization for Grupo Lala comes at about the same time as the authorization granted by Nicaragua to the
 entry of products from the Costa Rican company Dos Pinos
, ending a conflict which for several months affected the performance of the sector in both countries.
Grupo Lala Buys Dairy Plant in Costa Rica
July 2016
The Mexican company has acquired a dairy production plant in Alajuela and through an agreement with Florida Bebidas will produce and market its products in the country.
The announcement comes days after Nicaraguan authorities blocked entry of Costa Rican dairy products, after Costa Rica denied a permit to the firm Lala to export products from Nicaragua.
Regional Dairy Market on Alert
February 2016
Lala Group intends to take advantage of the free transit of goods in Central America to produce and export milk from Nicaragua to the entire region.
The Mexican company Lala confirmed the positive performance of Nicaragua's economy, announcing its intention to turn the country into a production hub and to export dairy products to the rest of Central America.
Milk Supply Increases in Central America
December 2014
The main dairy producers and exporters in the region are preparing for the beggining of operations in Nicaragua by the Mexican dairy plant Lala.
It is expected that by early 2015 the plant owned by the company Lala will start operating in Nicaragua, meaning that "... Competition for the Central American market over milk and its derivatives will be more intense. "
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