Guatemala: Record Remittances in 2016
Thursday, January 5, 2017
Remittances sent from abroad exceeded $7 billion, 14% more than the total received in 2015.
The total amount of remittances received by the country in 2016 is now equivalent to almost 10% of Guatemala's GDP. In December 2016 alone Guatemalans living abroad sent $678 million, the highest figure for the year. In regards to remittances received in December 2015, the increase was 13.5%.

Figures from the Bank of Guatemala show that after December, the month in which the highest amount was recorded was May, with $625 million.

See statistics from the Bank of Guatemala (in spanish).
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May 2017
Between January and April Salvadorans living abroad sent home $1,581 million, 10% more than in the same period last year.
From a statement issued by the Central Bank:
El Salvador: Record Remittances in 2016
January 2017
Total remittances received during the year reached $4,576 million, 7% more than the remittances recorded in 2015.
From a statement issued by the Central Bank of El Salvador:
Record Remittances in Guatemala
May 2014
For the first time in April the country received $490 million in remittances, equivalent to 9% of the total amount received in 2013.  
Foreign exchange earnings from remittances reported by the Bank of Guatemala (BANGUAT) for the period January to April 2014 was $1.73 million, exceeding by 9% the amount received in the same period in 2013.
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During 2012, remittances totaling $3.910 million came into the country, for an annual growth of 7.2% compared to 2011.
From a press release by the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador:
Productive remittances
Bank of Guatemala
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