New Mining Law in Honduras Ready
Monday, January 2, 2012
The committees of the National Congress of Honduras have finished writing a report on the new Mining Law.
During the process of preparing the document, the committee that worked on it met with environmental groups, the mining sector and the authorities of the Directorate for the Promotion of Mining (Defomin).

"Aldo Santos, head of Defomin, was confident that the new law will be passed in the first two months of this year and indicated that, despite the lack of legislation, mining activity in the country generated $ 288 million in exports in 2010", reported
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Iron From Honduras to China
May 2013
A government commission has traveled to China to negotiate direct sales of iron oxide from the Agalteca mine.
This was stated by Santos Gabino Carvajal, president of the National Association of Metal Mining in Honduras (Anamimh), who in a meeting with Aldo Santos, chief of the Directorate for the Promotion of Mining (Defomin), explained that the idea is to send in directly iron oxide mined in Agalteca in Francisco Morazán.
Demands Over Lack of Mining Law
June 2012
In Honduras there are 151 operating permit applications for mining projects involving huge investments that are waiting to be processed.
Businessmen say that "The lack of a law regulating the mining sector is the main obstacle to the 151 stalled requests by foreign and national investors, who have millions available to exploit deposits in Honduras."
Huge Interest in Mining Concessions in Honduras
August 2011
In the first eight months of the year, 130 mining companies have requested permission for mining concessions.
The applications submitted to the Directorate of Mining Promotion, Defomin, have not yet been processed pending the passing of a new Mining Law which is under discussion in Congress.
Honduras Returns to Discussion of the Mining Law
May 2011
In the face of mounting interest to attract investments, congress is revisiting the debate on the new Mining Act.
The law, which previously stalled in congress for lack of reconciliation of interests between business and environmentalists, contains among the most important issues, the elimination of all tax shields for mining companies.
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