Location intelligence to optimize commercial strategies
Monday, January 24, 2022
Location analytics rely on anonymized geospatial data from mobile devices, which can be used to gather information on foot traffic trends and typical profiles of consumers visiting a specific area or zone.
Location intelligence collects and analyzes competitive data, helping to gain a deep understanding of customers, market, and competitor strategy, identifying opportunities that would otherwise be more difficult to recognize.

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This data is collected from an individual’s physical movements and, with the aggregate of various data layers, provides information about their habits, activities, and interactions in any given area or point of interest.

These analytics include overlaying event data, providing an additional layer of information that helps to identify where a person was and where they went after visiting a place, which places they tend to visit the most in a given time period, and understanding preferences and habits, enriching customer profiles. Read the full article here

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Micro-mobility analytics improve retailers’ expansion strategies by accurately identifying consumer demographics, understanding customer behavior, and understanding how their competitors are performing.
is a methodology that combines
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foot-traffic analytics
to solve several problems and improve
site selection
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Mobility analytics and location intelligence play an important role in business by helping to understand the behavioral patterns of consumers in any given zone of interest or point of sale.
Pedestrian flow analysis, location intelligence and point-of-interest categorization have revolutionized the way retail and wholesale industries implement expansion, commercial and operational strategies in the pharmaceutical sector.
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Understanding consumer mobility patterns is critical for all types of businesses. Big Data tools, spatial data, and anonymized and aggregated mobility data play a very important role in these analyses, as they enable the measurement of foot traffic and consumer behavior patterns in any given area or point of interest.
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