Meat from Chile and Colombia to go to China
Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Farmers in Colombia and Chile have been certified as eligible to export beef to China, after the lifting of foot and mouth disease restriction on Colombians and the signing of a protocol with the Chileans.
From an article by the Costa Rican Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER):

After a memorandum of understanding lifted the foot and mouth disease restrictions for the export of Colombian beef Colombian farmers are now allowed to export this product to China. Similarly, in Chile, the Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol, said in Beijing that the final protocol which establishes the conditions under which the meat will go to China had already been signed, therefore these products are expected to start to enter this market in August 2013 at the latest.

In the case of Colombia, a protocol has been signed which establishes sanitary requirements for products and the animals from which they derive, and hygiene requirements for the plants where animals are slaughtered. This protocol was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring (INVIMA) and the General Administration of Inspection and Quality Supervision and Quarantine of the People's Republic China.
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