New Multinational Incentive Act Approved
Thursday, August 2, 2012
Migratory and tax benefits have been Established for foreign staff of multinationals based in Panama.
The approved changes have also given rise to the "Licensing Commission for Multinational Corporations, hereinafter the Commission, as a consultative and advisory body for the establishment of Multinational Corporations, which will be attached to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry", and that aims to streamline the procedures for installation of multinationals.

From the text of the approved bill:

This draft law submitted for consideration by the Honorable National Assembly amends some articles of Law 41 of August 24, 2007, "which created the Special Scheme for the Establishment and Operation of Multinational Corporations and the Licensing Commission for Multinational Corporations and other provisions. "

At present and under the protection of Law 41 of August 24, 2007, seventy-two (72) Licenses for Multinational Corporations have been granted to companies operating in our country under the Special Regime, who have invested directly in the Republic of Panama the sum of three hundred seventy-one million dollars (B/.371, 000,000.00).

This new business regime has created hundreds of jobs for nationals, impacting directly on improving the quality of their lives as they benefit from these opportunities.
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Multinational Companies Law Endorsed
August 2020
Deputies of the Panamanian Assembly approved in third debate the bill creating the Special Regime for the Establishment and Operation of Multinational Companies for the Provision of Services related to Manufacturing.
The services of these multinationals will be able to be developed in different provinces of the country and will work in product manufacturing, equipment machinery, product packaging services, machinery and equipment, the Assembly informed.
More Flexible Rules to Attract Foreign Companies
September 2017
Within the conditions to operate under the Multinational Enterprise Headquarters regime in Panama, the requirement for a worldwide number of employees has been changed to instead include a requirement to have a presence in more than 40 countries.
From a statement issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry:
Panama Continues to Attract Foreign Investment
December 2014
The special tax regime for multinationals which have an established site in Panama remains the main factor, while the low supply of trained personnel has been identified as a serious problem.
In addition to tax incentives offered to companies that set up offices, there are also special areas such as Panama Pacific and the Colon Free Zone, whose special schemes offer other incentives for companies to set up there. Despite the sharp increase in the arrival of foreign investment, the high demand for qualified personnel represents a major challenge.
Panama starts campaign to attract investment
January 2009
The Ministry of Commerce released the fiscal benefits for multinational companies that set up in Panama via a International Publicity campaign. published that "The Multinational Companies Headquarters (SEM) allows foreign economic groups to expand their businesses from Panama via branches or subsidiaries.
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