New Normal: Beyond Digitalization
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
The abrupt change in consumer habits forced companies to digitalize their operations and sales, but the challenges do not stop there, as companies will have to implement effective logistics systems to reach their customers.
In the current scenario emerging in an accelerated way due to the spread of covid-19, it is estimated that the digitalization plans that companies were planning to execute in a period of 1 to 3 years, are now being implemented in a few weeks.

Specialists agree that the digitalization of businesses has become an urgent need in order to be more efficient, but there are other challenges that go beyond the changes experienced by companies in recent weeks.

Felipe Baselga, a partner at Asesoría Financiera Deloitte Spanish Latin America, told that "... Logistics in this new world where distance is paramount and will remain a habit, will become even more important, and they will have to review how they reach their customers and the relationship with their suppliers to maintain a healthy inventory."

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For Alfredo Gómez, consulting partner of Deloitte Spanish Latin America "... there are trends such as e-commerce that will last, therefore, we must identify new clients that can be served. The issue of operational efficiency is increasingly important, therefore, it must be agile and define a cost structure where most of the costs are variable and allow to reduce fixed costs."

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Identifying new digital channels, outsourcing redundant processes, adopting new distribution technologies, re-evaluating strategies, business plans and the portfolio, are some of the opportunities that derive from this change in consumer habits and that companies could take advantage of.

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