Not Enough Logistics Parks in Costa Rica
Monday, March 31, 2014
It has been estimated that there are 80 million square meters of space in unmet demand for use as warehouses, industrial buildings and Office-warehouses by logistics companies.
In response to this lack of supply identified by Colliers International new projects have appeared west of the capital, near the logistics centers of companies which distribute their products nationwide.

"The supply of logistics at this time can be found in the industrial corridors of the center and south of San Jose. Given the growth of the logistics business, corporate relocation, future expansion and the opening of Route 27, demand will move westward," said Bernal Rodriguez, a spokesman for the industrial division, to

"In the Gran Area Metropolitana there is only one park operating that is focused on logistics operators. The New projects Multimodal Coyol and Ultima Park II are betting on this market. "
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New Logistics Project in Guatemala
November 2020
Calidad Inmobiliaria announced that it will build in Condado Naranjo, municipality of Mixco, a logistic center of 72 warehouses distributed in a four level tower.
According to information provided by the project's directors, the new industrial complex will be called "
" and is currently in the launching stage.
Warehouses: Where is Potential for New Developments?
August 2019
Villa Nueva, Villa Canales and San Miguel Petapa, are the municipalities in Guatemala that have a high commercial opportunity for new developments of warehouses and industrial parks.
Although the greatest potential for developing new warehouse-office parks in the country is located in the southern municipalities of the metropolitan area, there are also growth opportunities in the El Naranjo sector, in Mixco, and also in the Atlantic exit.
Costa Rica: Industrial Properties - September 2016
November 2016
The segments of industrial units and office-warehouses are dynamising the industrial real estate market with an increase in supply in sectors such as Coyol in Alajuela, Heredia and San Jose West.
From the quarterly report by Colliers Costa Rica entitled "Industrial and Logistics Property Market":
The Self Storage Business
December 2011
Although investments in this sector in recent years have exceeded $50 million in Panama, there is still unmet demand for storage solutions which are more or less temporary.
Almacenajes Mini-Depósitos, MegaStorage and Galores are some of the companies that provide storage services in Panama, offering solutions ranging from small boxes that are rented for $9.99 a month, to entire floors measuring 100 square meters.
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