Outlook for Urban Development in Guatemala
Monday, March 24, 2014
The National Development Plan of K'atun projects that in 2032 79% of the population will live in urban areas, and identifies the areas with the greatest potential for investment.
Currently 58% of Guatemala's population reside in urban areas, the National Institute of Statistics expects that in 2032 that percentage will rise to 79%, which allows a future map of national wealth to be charted.

"Projections contained in the "National Development Plan for K'atun: our Guatemala in 2032", visualises that in 2032 Guatemala and Quetzaltenango will be two megacities. The metropolitan area of Guatemala will expand to Palin, Escuintla, and Sanarate, El Progreso, and the population will reach five million 730 thousand people, while the metropolitan area of Quetzaltenango will have two million 310 thousand inhabitants. "

"Three other strategic cities that will have more than one million inhabitants are: Coban, coupled with Carchá and San Juan Chamelco, with one million 890 thousand neighbors Retalhuleu-Mazatenango, with 450,000, followed by Huehuetenango and surrounding areas, with 1 million 150 thousand people. "
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How to Regulate Urban Growth
June 2018
The plan put forward by the Panamanian government will define, in the cities of Panama and Colon, areas that can be used as development poles, and establish risk zones in which interventions are not allowed.
The Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot) presented the Urban Development Plan for the Metropolitan Areas of the Pacific and the Atlantic, and through a statement reported that "
 ... the entity will develop strategic guidelines related to the market and the management of the urban and rural land within these areas, and will also produce an updated technical, regulatory, political and administrative instrument for managing the territory, which will serve local urban authorities as a guide for the development of territorial organisational plans.
Panama: Stricter Urban Development Rules
March 2015
Zoning changes and the creation of municipal planning boards responsible for preparing the urban development plans are part of the new law recently approved on land use.
From a statement issued by the National Assembly of Panama:
Guatemala: K'atun 2032 National Development Plan
August 2014
The Guatemalan government has formally introduced a comprehensive development plan which sets out long-term goals to accelerate economic growth.
Administration officials said the plan was created with the participation of multiple sectors represented in the National Council of Urban and Rural Development (CONADUR).
Challenges For Guatemala City
September 2011
In the past four decades great advances have not been made in the problems of water distribution, solid waste management, land use and transport.
Nine municipal administrations have presented action plans for solving the problems facing Guatemala City, but most have ended up as just that, plans.
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