Panama Concedes Immigration Amnesty
Thursday, July 8, 2010
Foreigners who have been in the country for more than two years will be able to legalise their status, subject to paying relevant fees.
The process, called “Panama, Crisol de Razas" (Melting Pot) will begin on 16 July in Atlapa and continue for four months, indicated the director of the country’s Immigration Service (SNM), María Cristina González.

“It will begin in the capital and in San Miguelito before spreading to other parts of the country”, reports

The director added that once the process has been completed, any foreigners with illegal status will be deported.
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Panama Changes its Immigration Policy
September 2014
An announcement has been made that the next round of issuance of residence permits to foreigners will be the last, in a change to the policy "aimed at strengthening borders to preventing the influx of illegal immigrants." reports that "On 12 October, on the same day as 'Día de la Hispanidad' Panama will hold for the last time the fair for mass regularization of foreigners, known as the 'Melting Pot'."
Relocating to Panama
February 2011
More and more foreigners settle in Panama, requiring a wide range of different services.
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El Salvador Opens New Consulate in Mexico
January 2010
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