Panama Continues to Regularizing Foreign Workers
Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Another 11,000 foreigners from 44 different countries have regularized their immigration status and obtained work and residency permits.
" ... Some 54 foreign nationalities have regularized their status, in the seventeen days that the process takes, without any hitches, although the number of regularized people has increased compared to the previous processes," said Javier Carrillo , director general of the National Immigration Service (SNM by its initials in Spanish) .

During the Twelfth regularization known as "Panama, Melting Pot" migration permits were issued to 5,393 Colombians, 2,541 Nicaraguans, 1,124 Dominicans, 1,079 Venezuelans, 146 Peruvians, 106 Ecuadorians, 103 Salvadorans, 79 Chinese, 48 Americans, 40 Spanish , as well as some other nationalities.

Of all the foreigners who were regularized, 3,843 obtained the permit for 10 years and the other 7,248 for two years. "... The Panamanian Ministry of Labour issued work permits for a period of two years and, as with the SNM , the procedures were made without the need for lawyers", reported
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Panama Changes its Immigration Policy
May 2015
It has been announced that there will be an end to liberality in granting residence permits in the so-called melting pot, and the revision of the immigration status of resident foreigners whose papers have expired.
From a statement issued by the Presidency of Panama:
Legal Status for Foreigners Resident for More Than a Year
October 2012
Panama is repeating the process of granting residence and work permits to foreigners who have resided in its territory for more than a year.
A statement from the National Immigration Service reads:
Foreigners Immigration Status Regularized in Panama
June 2012
In the ninth round of “Crisol de Razas” (Race Melting Pot) organized by the National Immigration Service (NMS) some 5,300 foreigners have had their immigration status regularized.
Since the beginning of this conference, the NMS has issued some 23,000 temporary permits to foreigners.
Panama Regularizes Foreigners Immigration Status
September 2011
An extraordinary migratory regularization process, called " Panamá, Crisol de Razas” (Panama, the Melting Pot) will be reactivated from 3 to October 7, 2011.
The country has large numbers of foreigners with irregular migratory status, and this will be the seventh time that this process has been activated The process aims to grant residence permits to foreigners who have been in the country for a year or longer, for which they must show entry stamps from when they came to the country.
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