Puerto Quetzal Losing Competitiveness
Friday, March 28, 2014
The logistics union of Guatemala is demanding greater agility and improvements in customs offices in order to prevent the port terminal to continue reducing competitiveness against the Mexican port of Manzanillo.
The lack of agility in customs procedures and the absence of a law to standardize practices in ports are the reasons why Puerto Quetzal is losing competitiveness against its Mexican neighbor Manzanillo.

Elieser Castellanos, President of the Union of Logistics in Guatemala said: "We must do something in order to help once again the direct arrival or transfer factors that allow us to redistribute cargo and which will convert us into a center of maritime transfer for the region, because we do have the geographical and technical ability to do so. "

"Fernando Lopez, President of the Chamber of Industry, said that in order to solve the logistics problem there is an urgent need to see how external costs for road transport can be reduced, and in maritime transport lower waiting times. In short, optimize everything using a public-private partnership. "

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Due to lack of investment in machinery and equipment in recent years and slow loading and unloading of vessels, the shipping company Maersk Line is to partially suspend its operations in the Guatemalan port terminal.
recovery of some customers and the announcement of a new route between Santo Tomás and Puerto Morelos
, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, led to positive expectations weeks ago, but with the announcement of Maersk Line, the outlook is now different.
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The cost and time to transport containers at the terminal are not competitive with other ports in Central America.
While moving a container in Puerto Cortés costs about $2,308, other ports in the region charge more competitive rates, such as Manzanillo, Panama ($665), Quetzal, Guatemala ($977), Limon, Costa Rica ($1,020), Acajutla , El Salvador ($1,040), Corinto, Nicaragua ($1,140), and Santo Tomas, Guatemala ($1,450).
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The latest labor dispute which took place in Manzanillo port in Panama and its impact on the logistics industry is not far removed from other countries in the region.
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