Refrigerators: Costa Rica, Main Importer in 2020
Monday, September 20, 2021
During 2020, Costa Rica was positioned as the largest buyer in the region with 87 million, the main selling country for this year was Mexico with 73.6 million equivalent to 30.92%.
Figures from the Trade Intelligence Unit of CentralAmericaData:

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Costa Rican Companies, Main Buyers
In 2020 the main importer was Costa Rica with $87 million, followed by El Salvador with $56.9 million, Panama with $50.6 million and Nicaragua with $23.5 million.

For the period in question, Nicaragua was the market that recorded year-on-year increases in purchases, amounting to 11%.

In the other remaining countries, imports fell. In El Salvador 8.2%, Costa Rica 0.9% and in Panama 40.2%, for Honduras and Guatemala 100%.

Variation of Regional Imports
Between 2019 and 2020, the value imported in the region recorded a decrease of 46.28%, from $443.3 million to $238.1 million.

Mexico and China, Main Sellers
During 2020, 30.92% of the value imported from Central America came from Mexico, 26.23% from China, 13.61% from the U.S. and 7.94% from Guatemala.

China is the country of origin of Central American imports that has grown the most for the period in question in recent years, as in 2012 it accounted for 8.22% of the total value purchased, and by 2020 that proportion rose to 26.23%.

The equipment included in this analysis are refrigerators and freezers for domestic and industrial use, cabinets, chests, showcases and furniture for cold production, horizontal and vertical chest or cabinet type freezers and other machines or appliances for the production of cold. Air conditioning equipment is not included in the report's figures.

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Figures from CentralAmericaData's Business Intelligence Unit on the Market for Refrigerators, Freezers and Other Cold Production Machinery in Central America: 
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