Relocation Services in Costa Rica  
Monday, July 22, 2013
The constant temporary migration of transnational business executives has made a growing market for relocation service for professionals and their families.
According to an article in in Costa Rica there are "at least four companies (Costa Rica Relocation, rupo Mudanzas Mundiales, C&B Relocation Services and Inter-Moves) offering relocation services for executives and foreign professionals arriving in the country who have been 'imported' by companies. "

"... According to the Directorate General of Immigration (DGME), between 2005 and 2013 10,779 applications for temporary residence of this type were approved, of which 27% (2,911) corresponded to dependent family members of expatriate professionals."

"... The relocation process is an "art" which goes beyond simple moving services, and which includes everything from finding a new home to a school for the children of the executive, providing them with a car, and teaching them Spanish (if necessary), relocation of their pets, and proving tours of the new city and bilingual maids. "
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Relocating to Panama
February 2011
More and more foreigners settle in Panama, requiring a wide range of different services.
According to preliminary data from 2010, more than 12.000 work permits were given to foreigners, including executives of multinational companies or those coming from other places in search of better opportunities.
P&G: $50 Million for Relocating Staff in Panama
June 2010
Since 2007 the company has relocated 400 of its executives and their families in Panama.
For this, the company has invested $50 million. These logistics costs might include housing and children tuition, plus other benefits.
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