Remittances to Guatemala break record in July
Friday, August 8, 2008
Guatemalans abroad sent $409.6 million during the month of July, the highest amount on record for a single month.
In spite of the deportation of immigrants, which has already passed 15,000 this year, by the US Government and the country's economic crisis, remittances have reportedly increased by 8.4% in comparison to the first seven months of 2007, which had the lowest growth rate since they started to be recorded.
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Guatemala: Record Remittances in 2016
January 2017
Remittances sent from abroad exceeded $7 billion, 14% more than the total received in 2015.
The total amount of remittances received by the country in 2016 is now equivalent to almost 10% of Guatemala's GDP. In December 2016 alone Guatemalans living abroad sent $678 million, the highest figure for the year. In regards to remittances received in December 2015, the increase was 13.5%.
Nicaragua 2014: Remittances Up 5%
February 2015
Revenues from remittances sent by Nicaraguans living abroad during 2014, amounted to $1,135 million, 5.3% more than in 2013.
According to the Central Bank of Nicaragua (BCN) during the month of December more remittances were received than during the rest of the year, reporting a total of $116.6 million. This exceeds the amount recorded in the same month of 2013, when $111 million came into the country.
Guatemala: Historical Income in Remittances in May
June 2011
The reported monthly income of $415.3 million is the highest in the country's history.
According to the Banco de Guatemala (Banguat) it represents an increase of 16% compared to the same month in 2010.
Remittances to El Salvador on the decline
November 2008
The total remittances during October was $304.3 million or $400,000 less than the previous month.
It is almost $20 million less than for the same month in 2007, when $323.8 million was sent...
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