Rentals: Lower Occupancy, Lower Prices
Thursday, May 14, 2020
As a result of the crisis, the unemployment rate of commercial premises in Costa Rica rose from 8.81% to 9.86%, and the average price per square meter fell by 3%.
It is estimated that 20% of the stores located in the country's malls will not be able to open after the most critical phases of the covid-19 outbreak are overcome, according to Colliers' figures.

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Pablo Fernandez, general manager of Colliers International, explained to that "... In the shopping centers we are seeing an increase in the unemployment of the properties and also contract renegotiations are established because they do not have the economic solvency to pay a rent, this is presented in the best of cases, since many stores have had to close completely."

The article adds that "... Faced with the strong blow of the pandemic, Colliers recalled how merchants have had to adapt quickly to cope with this situation, implementing as E-Commerce, Social Commerce and Click&Collet'."

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In CentralAmericaData we have information about the real estate market in the region, with figures such as prices per square meter according to area and type of property, preferences of residential buyers, data on green land, and many other interesting facts.

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Real Estate Rentals: Outlook for 2021
September 2020
Because the supply of office and commercial buildings has increased, and at the same time unemployment has also risen, in Costa Rica the directors of these properties foresee that next year the parties will have to renegotiate the contracts.
Data collected by Colliers International indicate that between June 2019 and the same month in 2020 the total inventory of commercial buildings increased by 1.5% from 1.16 million m2 to 1.18 million m2.
Shopping Centers: Unemployment Rate Concerns
September 2020
As a result of the crisis, in Costa Rica in June of this year the rate of availability of premises in shopping centers climbed to 11.8%, a proportion of concern because a healthy level should not exceed 10%.
The phenomenon, which is not new in the country, has worsened in the context of the covid-19 outbreak, since in mid 2019 it was reported that
in the last year the unemployment of commercial premises in Costa Rica was on the rise, a behavior that was explained in part by the country's economic situation and by changes in consumer preferences
Offices: Changes in Market Conditions
August 2020
Since office construction is still active and could enter a phase of over-supply, combined with the strong increase in telecommuting, the market could face a contraction in the coming months.
Because of the spread of covid-19, governments in Central America have decreed strict home quarantines. This scenario
boosted the implementation of telecommuting and forced companies to adapt to a new form of operation
The Best Locations for Retailers
June 2012
The latest survey by the real estate company Colliers International, serves as a guide to compare rental prices of commercial premises in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica.
Within the large existing supply, average prices per square meter for monthly rental in shopping centers are around $26.25 west of the capital and $22.75 in the east. These two areas are the most in demand, followed by south of San Jose, Cartago, Alajuela and finally Heredia.
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