Solutions with Big Data and Micro-mobility analytics
Thursday, December 30, 2021
Matching demand and supply is the basis of the business model of any company whose operations depend on micro-mobility, since for every unit of demand that is not satisfied, an order is lost, leading to loss of profits and customer loyalty.
All companies that rely on micro-mobility can better manage their assets by improving their algorithms with location intelligence and foot traffic analytics, identifying demand peaks or drops beyond the average value in order to foresee or solve any kind of unexpected problem and generate solutions based on Big Data. Mobile tracking helps to know what is happening over any terrain and teaches how to be proactive about it.

The real world is constantly changing, and a business model cannot always adapt to these sudden changes, so analyzing historical patterns using Big Data and foot traffic techniques helps to understand these minute nuances of how any given area of interest behaves. Read the full article here

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is a methodology that combines
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brick n’ mortar
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