Spaniards Buy Securities Transport Company
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Prosegur Cash has announced an agreement with Grupo Alamo to acquire its operations in Central America in the activity of transportation of securities, operated under the brands Proval and Transval.
From a statement issued by Prosegur: 

Managua, June 11, 2018. Prosegur Cash has reached an agreement with Grupo Almo for the acquisition of its securities transportation operations in Central America where it operates under the brands Proval and Transval. With this operation, Prosegur Cash will expand its activities to the markets of Guatemala, once it has obtained authorization from the regulator of Private Security Services, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica, in which until now it had no presence. Proval and Transval have outstanding leadership and more than 35 years experience in the region. The activities of Proval and Transval in the latest tax year available represented a turnover of close to 40 million US dollars.

Consolidation is one of Prosegur Cash's three priority action areas. The company's entry into Central America responds, therefore, to the strategy of playing a leading role in the process of international consolidation of the securities transport industry and adds to the more than twenty operations completed in various markets since 2011, five of them in the last tax year.

Read full statement (in Spanish).
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From a statement issued by Grupo Lala:
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Eskimo SA is a food company in Nicaragua which has been operating for more than 72 years. Its main products include ice cream, milk and yoghurt. In Nicaragua, Eskimo is a leader in the dairy industry and its brand is synonymous with ice cream. The company currently operates a distribution network with over 15,000 outlets, with operations in Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica. In 2013 Eskimo reported revenues of $54.5 million.
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