Tax Exemptions Keep Attracting Investment to Costa Rica
Friday, November 8, 2013
Foreign direct investment in the country rose by 15%, while in the free zones where businesses are exempt from income tax, the growth rate was 53%.
During the first half of 2013 free zones received $360 million while in the same period of 2012 the figure was $235 million, which is an increase of 53%.

According to information from the Central Bank of Costa Rica, "in general, FDI in the first half rose by 15% compared to the same period in 2012 and amounted to $1.335 billion, strengthening its growth after the drop of 2009 " reported

"Throughout 2013, a large group of manufacturing and service companies announced their intentions to establish themselves in the country along with the openings of new headquarters or production facilities," said Anabel Gonzalez, Minister of Foreign Trade.
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Electronic Manufacturing Comes to Costa Rica
August 2013
With an investment of $10 million the German company Zollner Elektronik AG is to establish a manufacturing and support services plant.
From a press release by the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Costa Rica (COMEX):
Costa Rica: Foreign Investment in Free Zones Drops 21%
April 2013
The causes that have been cited are the gap between supply and demand for skills, electricity tariffs, infrastructure problems, and increased competition among countries for FDI.
During 2012, the sector received $535 million whereas the previous year it received $679 million, reporting a drop of 21%.
$470 million FDI in Costa Rican Free Zones
January 2012
34 new projects captured in 2011 and re-investment in high technology sectors such as services, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and clean technologies, have generated 7,728 new jobs.
A statement from the Costa Rican Coalition for Development Initiatives (CINDE) reads:
FDI Increases by 45% in Costa Rica
October 2011
In the first six months of the year the country received $1.057 million in foreign direct investment (FDI).
These figures show that the government has reached 57% of the target it set for this year of $ 1,850 million.
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