Tender for Construction Materials in Guatemala
Monday, September 20, 2021
The Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing of Guatemala is conducting a tender to purchase different materials for the construction of houses for people affected by the tropical depressions Eta and Iota in some municipalities of the departments of Petén, Zacapa and Alta Verapaz.
Guatemala Government Purchase 15384624:

"The government conducts a national public tender for the construction of housing for those affected by tropical depressions Eta and Iota, in a contract period of 14 months.

Some technical specifications for materials are as follows:

* Legitimate 28 gauge galvanized corrugated sheet, 11 feet long and 1 meter in useful width: It is a sheet manufactured of carbon steel and which is coated with a layer of zinc on both sides. Its classification takes into account the zinc coating as well as the basic thickness. The quality of the sheet as well as the tolerance allowed will be the one stipulated in the COGUANOR NGO 36012 standard. The sheet shall bear the manufacturer's mark and its classification.

* Block 0.14 x 0.19 x 0.39 F'm=35 Kg/cm²: The block for the construction of masonry walls must be made of concrete and have the indicated measurements. The blocks must have a minimum compressive strength of 35 kg/cm².

* Gray cement 4,060 PSI: The cement must be Portland cement that complies with the specifications of NTG 41095 and must be Type I. Cement shall conform to AASHTO M 85, ASTM C 595 and ASTM C 1157. Bagged cement shall be 42.5 kilograms and meet physical requirements for fineness, autoclave expansion, chatelier expansion, air content, compressive strength, sulfate expansion, mortar bar expansion and drying shrinkage.

* Wall Raising Mortar: It is a dry premixed mortar, to be used for the gluing of concrete block in houses. It only requires the addition of water. It complies with COGUANOR NTG 41050 and COGUANOR NTG 41053.

* ½" crushed stone: The aggregate must comply with NTG 41007 and ASTM C 33. The grain size must comply with NTG 41007. The maximum nominal size -TMN- shall be 1/2". The origin of the coarse aggregate shall consist of crushed gravel or crushed stone.

* White latex exterior finish paint (5-gallon pail): The paint shall be water soluble, water based, in a 5-gallon pail presentation with the following characteristics: White matte color, exterior, high performance and coverage.

* Window of 0.79 x 0.41 meters, made with ½" metal, hinged, pin and 5 mm glass: The window shall be of metal structure made with ½" metal, hinged with pin. The dimensions shall be 0.79 x 0.41 m. The glass shall be clear 5 mm thick.

* Exterior 2.00 x 1.00 m metal frame door with sheet metal: The door will have a 1" x 1" angle frame with 5 reinforcements fused with 3/8" rod to the wall. It will have 3 horizontal reinforcements elaborated with ¾" angle and the sheet will be smooth sheet 20. The door will have 2 coats of black anticorrosive paint. It will be fitted with a metal door overlay plate.

All construction materials must comply with the NRD3 standard "Technical Specifications for Construction Materials" issued by the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction -CONRED-.

Enter the tender for more information."

Deadline to submit bids: November 02, 2021.

See tender (in Spanish).
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