Tender for Uniforms for Staff in Panama
Monday, September 27, 2021
The Public Registry requires the supply and manufacture of uniforms for male and female staff nationwide to replace the current ones, which are already four years old and show signs of deterioration, as part of the Social Welfare Program for public servants.
Panama Government Procurement 2021-1-48-0-08-LP-006718:

"Public Registry is tendering the procurement of different uniforms for its personnel throughout the country.

The contractor shall supply and manufacture the following:

* 1,398 women's coats with full inner lining, open V-neck, with two buttons size 40, French cut and front sidecut.

* 1,398 women's waist pants, with ergonomic waistband eight centimeters wide, with zipper and reinforcement loop, straight cut and 20-centimeter wide boot.

* 1,852 ladies' long sleeve blouses, five centimeter wide collar, with 53 centimeter long bow tie, three centimeter wide cuff, cuff root with one presser, cuff with buttonhole and two horizontal buttons size eighteen, princess cut in front.

* 478 ladies' short sleeve blouses, five centimeter wide collar, with 53 centimeter long bow tie, three centimeter wide cuff, princess cut in front, back with darts one on each side.

* 40 ladies' blouses for CAIPI, round neck with blue V-neckline, two useful lower front patch pockets in printed fabric, left side zipper, short sleeves with two-centimeter wide cuffs.

It is important to note that the contractor shall maintain 10 additional sets for women (administrative staff), 10 sets for men (administrative staff), 5 sets for security staff. These sets must be available for new employees entering within the following years, the cost of each of these sets of uniforms should not exceed the price offered by the company.

Enter the bid for more information."

Deadline to submit bids: November 15, 2021.

View tender.
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