Textile Industry Seeks to Recover Lost Ground
Tuesday, July 21, 2020
After the demand for clothing fell in the world's main markets due to the health crisis, Salvadoran entrepreneurs are confident that in the coming months it is possible to recover part of the sales initially projected for this year.
The social distancing decreed due to the covid-19 outbreak caused consumer preferences to change in the main markets, as the demand for comfortable clothing to be at home has now rebounded.

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Patricia Figueroa, executive director of the Chamber of the Textile Industry and Free Zones (Camtex), explained to Elmundo.sv that "... even though the U.S. economy is suffering from a decline in activity, there is a rebound in demand for online sales and greater purchase of sportswear, one of the strengths of local production. People are buying less clothing to go to work, they are working at home, everything that is called 'leisurewear', that comfortable clothing, made of special fabrics, is growing."

Mauricio Rodriguez, coordinator of Trade and Investment of Camtex, said that "... the three months of inactivity due to the quarantine reduced competitiveness in the face of the great seasons of trade in the U.S., but the item is adapted to recover some of the lost ground."

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According to data from the Central Reserve Bank, during the first half of 2020 clothing exports fell $310 million compared to the same period in 2019.

Source: elmundo.sv
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Source: elmundo.sv
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September 2020
After the impact caused by the covid-19 outbreak, Nicaraguan businessmen in the sector estimate that in the first seven months of the year the maquila industry have stopped exporting close to $300 million and have had to lay off some 6 thousand employees.
The drop in demand in the United States, which is one of the main destination markets for exports of clothing made in Nicaragua, explains part of the drop in income for companies operating in the country.
Textile Sector: Poor Outlook
June 2020
Uncertainty over a possible second wave of covid-19 cases globally will prevent Salvadoran textile industry exports from recovering for the rest of 2020.
Official data show that from January to May 2020, El Salvador's exports in the textile and clothing sector amounted to $619 million, an amount that is 42% lower than the $1,072 million registered in the same period in 2019.
Covid-19: Forecast for the Textile Sector
March 2020
The impact that the crisis will have on companies related to the textile, leather and clothing sector in Central America is estimated to be explained, to a greater extent, by the expected drop in sales of carpets and curtains.
The "
Information System for the Impact Analysis of Covid-19 on Business
", developed by the Trade Intelligence Unit of CentralAmericaData, measures the degree of impact that the crisis will have on companies according to their sector or economic activity, during the coming months.
Salvadoran Textile Exports Rebound
October 2011
In the first eight months of the year maquila exports reported an increase in volume of 22.3% and 10.9% in value.
Data from the Central Reserve Bank shows that total exports reached $822.4 million up to August 2011.
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