Textiles: $20 Million Investment in Manufacturing Plant
Thursday, July 2, 2020
Proquinal Costa Rica announced that it will reinvest $20 million in its coated fabric manufacturing plant, which is located in Spradling Free Zone Park in Coyol de Alajuela.
This reinvestment will allow the implementation of a new process within the plant that will increase its export capacity. The company manufactures coated fabrics for high performance markets such as hospitals, yachts, school buses, stadiums, airports and hotels, reported the Costa Rican Development Initiative Coalition (Cinde).

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The document dated July 1, 2020 states that "... This is the third major investment the company has made in the country, the first being in 2002 and the second in 2014."

Jorge Sequeira Picado, Cinde's CEO, said that "... Proquinal, a company in the sector, is announcing its third reinvestment in the country, which will allow it to add new processes and add more jobs to its local operation, also expanding its services to life sciences companies, very much in line with the convergence of sectors that is being promoted today in the face of the fourth industrial revolution. The most recent example was the production of a waterproof and reusable fabric for hospital use used by health workers."

Moisés Hernandez, General Manager of the company, explained that with "... the new investment will increase Costa Rica's export capacity to highly demanding markets."

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From a statement issued by CINDE:
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