Textiles, the Mainstay of the Salvadoran Economy
Friday, April 11, 2014
The sector produced 44% of all goods exported by El Salvador in 2013.
The production of textiles, clothing fibers and other synthetic fibers remains the main economic sector in El Salvador. Knitted fabrics, for example, accounted for 64% of total sales abroad during 2013.

Production (by the industry) increased by 4.1%, exports by 9%, totaling $2.394 billion worth sent by the country to other nations such as the United States.

"Among the main products exported to the United States are shirts ($736 million), socks ($168 million), sweatshirts ($240 million) and men's underwear ($98 million)."

In the area of ​​employment, Laprensagrafica.com reports, "72.744 contracts were recorded, with an average salary of $344. As for loans, $285 million was received."
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Mixed Results for the Textile Industry in 2017
December 2017
Salvadoran textile companies report that between January and October exports of textiles and clothing grew by 3%, but the maquila sector went down by almost 9% compared to the same period in 2016.
Patricia Figueroa, executive director of the Chamber of the Textile, Clothing and Free Trade Zone (Camtex), explained to Laprensagrafica.com that
 "... the sub-segment of the maquila 'is where the basic products are, such as T-shirts and underwear, but it is a segment that has to be taken care of because it is more vulnerable to costs and environmental shocks."
El Salvador: Canada as a Customer for the Textile Sector
September 2016
To compensate for the loss of market which is expected once the Transpacific Agreement takes effect, the textile industry intends to resume FTA negotiations with the northern country.
A free trade agreement with Canada would allow the exporting textile companies to enter a market with high potential, since according to the executive director of Camtex, Patricia Figueroa, the country imports more than $14,000 million a year in textiles products and confection of synthetics such and towels, carpets, curtains and tablecloths. "
El Salvador: Textile Exports Up 7%
September 2015
In the first half of the year sales of textiles and clothing totaled $1.247 billion, with a noteworthy annual increase of 21% in exports of textiles.
Data from the Chamber of Textiles, Clothing and Free Zones of El Salvador (Camtex) indicates that "... textile exports totaled $155 million, 21% more than in the first half of 2014, while ready-made apparel reached $1.092 million, up 5%. "
Nicaragua: Manufacturing Decelerates
July 2015
Falls in sales of textiles, machinery and transport equipment accounted for the 6% annual contraction in manufacturing activity in May this year.
In the case of textiles, a reducicón of 8.7% in industrial production in May is attributed to lower production of knitted or crocheted fabrics, clothing and leather production. In the machinery and heavy equipment sector, which fell by 48%, a reduction in demand from the Mexican automotive industry is, according to Central Bank data, the reason for the poor performance.
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