Bid for Vehicles and Motorcycles in Dominican Republic
Monday, September 27, 2021
The Instituto Dominicano del Cafe tenders the purchase of vehicles and motorcycles for the institute's technical staff.
Dominican Republic Government Purchase INDOCAFE-CCC-LPN-2021-0003:

"The institution INDOCAFE, requires the purchase of the following vehicles for the use of its employees.

* 2 pickup trucks, 4x4 traction with automatic transmission, year 2022, 2.5 liter to 3 liter engine, 4 cylinders, turbo diesel, 6 to 7 speed automatic transmission, dual zone factory air conditioning, 6 air bags, cloth seats with capacity for 5 passengers, minimum warranty of 3 years or 100 thousand kilometers.

* 13 motorcycles, year 2021, 4 stroke engine, 1 cylinder or more, 150 CC air cooled, 12.6 HP, 7500 RPM/ 8500 RPM or higher, AC/CDI ignition, electric start with foot pedal auxiliary, 5 to 6 speed transmission, aluminum rims.

Access the tender for more information."

Deadline to submit bids: November 10, 2021.

See tender.
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$12 Million in Vehicles
October 2021
The Dominican Republic, through the National System of Emergency Attention and Security 911, tenders the acquisition of 192 different vehicles that will cover emergency services and patient transfer, therefore, they must be stocked with medicines and equipped.
Dominican Republic Government Purchase 911-CCC-LPN-2021-0018:
Tender for Vehicle Purchase in Honduras
September 2021
The institution Inversion Estrategica de Honduras (INVESTH) is tendering internationally with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), five double cab pick up with manual and automatic transmission.
Honduras Government Purchase LPI IDB 4940 01 2021:
Regional Motorcycles Market Grows
May 2012
Unicomer group recorded an increase in sales of 160%, with 310.000 motorcycles sold throughout the region each year.
Sales in Central America and the Dominican Republic have experienced remarkable growth, judging by the results from various distribution houses due to a combination of favorable prices and credit facilities.
Guatemala amid boom in two-wheeled transport
May 2008
Guatemala is undergoing a boom in motorcycle ownership. Tax authorities say that 24,570 new motorcycles have entered the country so far this year alone.
The increase is attributed to increased fuel prices and heavy traffic. But the downside has been a sharp rise in the number of accidents in which motorcycles are involved.
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