Location analytics to improve shopping centers performance
Jan-24-22 | Location intelligence is a key tool that shopping center managers should use since, via people’s location and mobility data, they gain valuable insights such as how much time consumers spend in stores and how often they visit.
Location intelligence to optimize commercial strategies
Jan-24-22 | Location analytics rely on anonymized geospatial data from mobile devices, which can be used to gather information on foot traffic trends and typical profiles of consumers visiting a specific area or zone.
Tender for $32 Million in Sewer System Construction
Jan-24-22 | In Costa Rica, an international tender is being carried out for the expansion and improvement of the aqueducts of the city of Limon.
Vaccines for Human Use: El Salvador, Main Importer
Jan-17-22 | In the second quarter of 2022, purchases made by Salvadoran companies increased dramatically, reaching almost 500%, representing 45% of regional purchases with $67 million.
$80 Million in Tourist Complex
Jan-17-22 | Panama is planning the construction of a vertical building with more than 40 stories high, which will have apartments for short stays with all the amenities.
Coffee: Honduras Leads in Exports
Jan-17-22 | For the second quarter of 2021, Honduras was the main seller of coffee in the Central American region with $723 million, equivalent to 35% of exports.
How to Avoid Delays in Supply Chain Processes with Big Data?
Jan-12-22 | There are several ways to bring location intelligence into the supply chain. If you want to improve delivery times and increase throughput, it is vital to identify and solve the root causes of delays.
Tender for the Pre-qualification of Construction Works in Honduras
Jan-11-22 | The development of Islas de la Bahia department in Honduras requires the construction of infrastructure in different categories.
Bananas: $203 Million in Regional Business
Jan-10-22 | During the second quarter of 2021 banana exports in the region were led by Costa Rica with $566 million, despite the 12% decrease in the value exported in the region.
Veterinary Vaccines: Regional Purchases Remain Stable
Jan-10-22 | For the second quarter of 2021, purchases of vaccines for veterinary use remained at $23 million, the main supplier for this period was the United States with $7 million.
Business Opportunity in El Salvador's Health Sector
Jan-10-22 | The purpose of the tender is the procurement of ocular prosthesis for the Salvadoran Social Security Institute for 12 months.
CentralAmericaData has Become PREDIK Data-Driven
Jan-4-22 | In order to bring our operations, processes and services under one single brand name, we have decided to transform CentralAmericaData and definitively integrate it into our global brand, PREDIK Data-Driven.
Tender for Security Services
Jan-4-22 | The Guatemalan government seeks to provide security at different offices of the Ministry of Education, to be provided from June to December 2022.
Tender for Professional Auditing Services
Jan-4-22 | The government of Dominican Republic needs professional services in auditing for 2019 and 2020 at the national level in the offices of the Agricultural Bank.
Residential Sector: Construction Projects in El Salvador
Jan-4-22 | There is increasing interest in building housing throughout the country, by means of lots, houses and apartments with varied sizes and prices.
Warehouse Construction in Guatemala
Jan-4-22 | Warehouse space with large parking for vans will be built on a 110,000 square meter area, with a construction of 50,000 square meters.
Solutions with Big Data and Micro-mobility analytics
Dec-30-21 | Matching demand and supply is the basis of the business model of any company whose operations depend on micro-mobility, since for every unit of demand that is not satisfied, an order is lost, leading to loss of profits and customer loyalty.
Foot traffic analytics: Mercadona Vs. LIDL
Dec-29-21 | Supermarkets can apply location intelligence techniques and footfall analytics to understand consumer mobility patterns, generate efficient site selection strategies, understand the performance of their stores, and estimate competitor turnover.
N1 City South Africa POI Analysis
Dec-27-21 | Footfall analytics and POI characterization through Big Data are being used by different business sectors in order to make smarter business decisions and thereby maximize their revenues and optimize their costs.
Footfall analytics: McDonald’s Vs. Burger King South África
Dec-23-21 | Footfall analytics have revolutionized the way retailers implement site selection, commercial and operational strategies in the quick-service restaurant franchise market.
Foot traffic in a popular South African hardware store
Dec-23-21 | Foot traffic analytics and point-of-interest analytics help large chains supplying contractor-grade building materials and home improvement products measure footfall and understand consumer behavior patterns in any given zone of interest or point of sale.
How to profile mall visitors?
Dec-21-21 | POI characterization through Big Data has become more frequent as it allows the implementation of strategies and site selection solutions within the various business sectors.
Tender for $15 Million in Transformers
Dec-21-21 | Dominican Republic government requires transformers and dual mobile substation for Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Sur.
Transport Sector: Administrative Infrastructure
Dec-21-21 | The construction of an administrative building for offices and vehicle inspection will be carried out at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.
Construction of a Corporate Building in Honduras
Dec-21-21 | Two buildings with almost 30 levels of height are planned for a mixed office, commercial and apartment complex.
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