Retail analytics: PETCO Vs. PetSmart
Nov-26-21 | Pet shop owners need to apply location intelligence techniques and foot traffic analytics to identify consumer mobility patterns, in order to maximize sales and generate more efficient expansion models.
Foot traffic Analytics in Department Stores
Nov-25-21 | Location intelligence and foot traffic analytics are transforming the way retail strategies are defined, and department stores are no exception.
Footfall analytics: Woolworths Food Vs. ShopRite South Africa
Nov-24-21 | Identifying mobility patterns and classifying consumers within a point of sale or areas of interest helps large retail supermarkets measure foot traffic in and out of their stores while understanding the behavioral patterns of their consumers.
Construction: Residential and Commercial Lotification
Nov-23-21 | Costa Rica is opening the lotification of one hundred lots for housing construction in a developable area of 28 thousand square meters.
$8 Million for Public Road Rehabilitation
Nov-23-21 | In Panama, a 10.5 kilometer road will be rehabilitated in two stages, and maintenance will be carried out during construction.
Business Opportunity to Build Dam
Nov-23-21 | In Honduras, the construction of a dam in the Rio del Hombre watershed, including a pipeline and drinking water treatment plant, is being tendered.
Tender for Surveillance System
Nov-23-21 | The Ministry of Health of Panama requires the procurement of a surveillance system for the Santo Tomas Hospital.
How to leverage heat maps to improve your business?
Nov-22-21 | One of the analytical tools that leading companies use to gather knowledge is heat maps. By creating a graphical representation of their data, new insights emerge, providing companies with the information they need to adapt their strategies and maximize their profits.
Top 5 Benefits from implementing heat maps in businesses
Nov-22-21 | The heat map is one of the most useful and powerful data analysis tools in business intelligence. It provides a visualization feature that presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense by assigning a different size and color.
Dairy: Nicaragua is the Main Seller in the Region
Nov-22-21 | For the second quarter of 2021, sales of dairy products increased to $202 million, the main exporter was Nicaragua with $97 million.
Paints and Varnishes: Regional Trade on the Rise
Nov-22-21 | During the second quarter of 2021, sales in the Central American region increased to $76 million, the highest exporter was Costa Rica with $31 million.
In-store analytics for Brick & Mortar stores
Nov-18-21 | In the competitive retail market, in-store analytics helps retailers to better monitor and understand their customers while providing valuable information on the actual point-of-sale performance.
$32 Million in Energy Project
Nov-17-21 | Photovoltaic panels will produce clean energy in Panama.
Pharmaceuticals: Increase in Regional Purchases
Nov-17-21 | For the second quarter of 2021, the purchase of pharmaceutical products in the region was dominated by Costa Rica with $428 million, the largest supplier to the region was Germany with $167 million.
Foot traffic analysis: OfficeMax Vs. Office DEPOT stores
Nov-17-21 | Understanding mobility and identifying points of interest help large retail office products suppliers to measure foot traffic in and out of their stores and to better comprehend the behavioral patterns of consumers.
$11 Million in Apartment Towers
Nov-17-21 | Guatemala will have another residential project with a capacity of 435 apartments.
Radios: Purchases from Nicaragua are Increasing
Nov-17-21 | During the second quarter of 2021, purchases of Nicaraguan companies were positioned in the region with $10 million, the main supplier in Central America was the United States with 28% of sales.
Tender financial System Design
Nov-16-21 | In Panama, an educational institution requires the design of the platform for a financial system and control of credits, scholarships and programs.
How Much Does a Logo Cost?
Nov-15-21 | Ariel Banos, expert in pricing strategy, presents in this article a key aspect to consider when quoting proposals for professional services.
Tender courier Service
Nov-15-21 | In Honduras, the Property Institute requires nationwide courier service.
How to measure foot traffic in a wholesale market?
Nov-12-21 | POI analytics through Big Data techniques allows companies to understand an area of interest and thereby implement strategies, expansion models, and solutions within any business sector.
Footfall analytics for wholesalers: Sysco Vs. US foods
Nov-11-21 | Location intelligence and footfall analytics can be valuable tools for wholesale distributors to maximize their revenue, optimize their processes and choose the best distribution routes for their pickup and last-mile delivery processes.
Mixed-Use Construction
Nov-10-21 | Mixed vertical construction distributed in 14 levels in Costa Rica.
Vertical Construction
Nov-10-21 | Construction of a residential building with more than thirty thousand square meters of construction for 224 apartments.
Retail analytics: Sodimac Homecenter Vs. The Home Depot
Nov-10-21 | Retail home improvement franchises need to apply location intelligence techniques and foot traffic analytics to identify consumer mobility patterns, in order to maximize sales and generate more efficient expansion models.
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