Big Data and the Last Mile Business
Jul-26-21 | The last mile is the journey of a product from the warehouse shelf to the back of a truck and the customer's door, thus being the final step in the operational process, when the package finally arrives at the consumer's door. In addition to being one of the keys to customer satisfaction, last mile delivery is the most problematic part of the shipping process.
Tender for Hotel Service Evaluation
Jul-26-21 | Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic for the Mystery Shopper service to evaluate the service provided by hotels and restaurants, for an amount of 120 evaluations in a period of one year.
Hostel Construction
Jul-26-21 | The construction of 575 square meters for a two-story building that will function as a hostel with twelve rooms is planned in Herrera.
Agrochemicals: Imports Up in First Quarter 2021
Jul-26-21 | Between the first quarters of 2020 and 2021, the value of imports increased by 20% from $146 million to $175 million.
Medicines: Imports Rise in the First Quarter 2021
Jul-26-21 | Between the first three months of 2020 and 2021, the imported value of pharmaceutical products in Central America registered a positive variation, going from $825 million to $866 million.
Predictive Models Applied to the Retail Sector
Jul-23-21 | The use of big data and predictive models has become one of the greatest successes for the sector, thanks to these, it has been possible to take proactive measures based on real-time data and predict future trends.
What Business Questions Does Geospatial Data Answer?
Jul-23-21 | This data can be seen as pieces of a puzzle that, separately, do not provide much insight into an overall picture or solution. But when analyzed and visualized with data from any sector, valuable patterns, relationships and interactions emerge that can lead to better decision making and business innovations.
Tender for Air Conditioning Units and Refrigeration Hardware Materials
Jul-23-21 | The Agricultural Bank of the Dominican Republic is looking for the acquisition of air conditioning units and refrigeration hardware materials.
Tender for Green Areas Maintenance Service in Panama
Jul-23-21 | The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Panama is looking for the maintenance service of green areas in the different communities of the reverted areas of the pacific sector.
Tender for $3 Million in Food Products
Jul-22-21 | The Price Stabilization Institute (INESPRE) tenders the purchase of food products to supply programs nationwide with a contract term of six months.
Tender for Medical Reagents Set
Jul-22-21 | The clinical laboratory of the San Juan De Dios hospital tenders a set of reagents for the determination of antibodies against hepatitis c virus, hiv 1 and 2 antibodies and htlv i and ii antibodies by western blot and immunoblot methodology.
Business: Geospatial Data Uses and Applications
Jul-22-21 | While an increasing number of companies are extracting value from the proprietary data they generate in business, few are doing so with the perspective of how location data and spatial analytics can improve their business processes and workflows.
Big Data to Understand Consumers
Jul-21-21 | Consumers today have access to information anytime, anywhere, including what, where and when to buy, how much to pay, among other things. This makes it increasingly important to use consumer-focused data analytics to predict how they will behave when interacting with brands.
Construction: $7.5 Million Road
Jul-21-21 | In Alta Verapaz, there are plans to build a road and bridges with a length of five kilometers for a total of 39 thousand square meters of construction.
Tender for Yellow Equipment Repair
Jul-21-21 | Dominican Rep. tenders the contracting service of workshops for the repair and recovery of the yellow equipment fleet.
Geospatial Data Applied to the Retail Sector
Jul-20-21 | Geolocation intelligence is accurate contextual information about the location and movement of people anywhere in the world.
Construction: Tower Type Building
Jul-20-21 | A tower for a corporate building is planned to be built in Guatemala.
Tender for 1,250 Uniforms
Jul-20-21 | The Health Regulation Agency of Honduras requires the purchase of uniforms for its collaborators, in order to cover the identification needs of the institution's staff and strengthen the Agency's institutional image.
Are Predictive Models Useful in Business?
Jul-19-21 | More and more companies are turning to predictive analytics to optimize their processes, achieve better business results and increase their market share.
Guatemala: Main Importer of Beer in 2020
Jul-19-21 | In 2020, the main importer of beer in Central America was Guatemala, with a value of $68 million.
Central American Footwear Market: Imports Down
Jul-19-21 | During 2020, all Central American markets decreased their footwear purchases.
Courier: Document Transfer
Jul-19-21 | The Banco de Formato Agropecuario requires the courier service and transfer of documents between the different offices of the institution, in total there are 30 BFA Service Centers and 06 Cajas Rurales or Cajas Express.
Hydroelectric: $17.2 Million in Construction
Jul-16-21 | The construction of two hydroelectric plants, Las Rocas 1 and 2, will generate energy of 5 MW each, in the Polochic river basin.
$8.8 Million in Power Supply and Metering
Jul-16-21 | Power supply and meters for the Santo Tomas Hospital Trust (PHST) in Panama, for a total of 109.4 thousand MWh distributed over a five-year term.
What are Predictive Models and What are they Used for?
Jul-16-21 | Predictive models are statistical tools that use machine learning supported by Big Data mining to predict and forecast likely future outcomes with the help of historical and existing data by inputting multiple parameters.
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