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Bread and Cookies: $460 Million in Business in the Region
In 2020, Central American countries spent $460 million to import bakery, pastry and biscuit products; of the total amount purchased abroad, Guatemalan, Honduran and Panamanian companies represented 62%.
Paint and Varnish Trade Down 10% in 2020
Last year, trade in paints and varnishes between Central American countries amounted to $123 million, which is 10% lower than in 2019, a drop that was reported in the context of the economic crisis resulting from the Covid-19 outbreak.
Vehicles: Which Brands Control the Market?
During the first months of 2021, 20% of the automobile-type vehicles circulating on the streets of Central American countries were Honda, Mazda, Chevrolet and Ford brands, while of the total number of light-duty vehicles, Isuzu, Hyundai and Hino accounted for 10%.
Corn: Regional Purchases Increased 5% in 2020
During 2020, companies in the region bought corn abroad for $998 million, 5% more than what was reported in 2019, a variation that is explained by the increase in imports from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica.
Electric Generators: How did the Market Perform in 2020?
During last year, imports of electric generators increased year-on-year in Nicaragua and Guatemala, and decreased in Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and El Salvador.
Consumer Mobility as Data
Using today's technology, it is possible to know and accurately monitor consumer mobility, identify the places they visit, how often they do so, at what times and on what days, and transform this mobility and pedestrian flow data into solutions for optimizing commercial and marketing strategies.
Paper and Cardboard: Business with Chile up 5%
During 2020, paper and cardboard imports of Central American companies amounted to $1,931 million, and purchases from Chilean companies increased 5% compared to what was reported in 2019.
Infant Formula: How is the Regional Market Performing?
During 2020, Central American imports of infant formula for infant feeding packaged for retail sale totaled $134 million, an amount that is 9% lower than the amount reported in 2019.
Fertilizers: Regional Purchases Up 4% in 2020
Last year, Central America assigned $784 million to fertilizer imports, 4% more than in 2019, with Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador being the markets that accounted for the increase in regional purchases.
Commercial Sector: $160 Million in Construction
During 2020, 92 environmental impact studies were submitted for the construction of commercial buildings in Central American countries, and most of the estimated investment was focused on Costa Rica and El Salvador.
Air Conditioning Equipment: $147 Million in Purchases
In 2020, companies in the region bought abroad air conditioning equipment for $147 million, with Nicaragua being the only Central American market that in year-on-year terms increased its imports.
Furniture: Regional Market Figures in 2020
After in May 2020, in the context of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, Central American furniture imports dropped to a historic low of $14 million, in the following months a recovery was evidenced and in December purchases amounted to $29 million.
Geospatial Data applied to the agricultural sector
Through information solutions based on the use of satellite photos, the application of classification models and the implementation of machine learning algorithms, it is possible to optimize the management of large plantations and minimize the risks faced by crops that affect profitability per hectare planted.
Washing Machines: How Did Markets Perform in 2020?
Last year, Guatemala was the only market in the region where washing machine imports increased, the remaining five countries decreased their foreign purchases, with El Salvador reporting the worst drop.
Big Data for Educational Services Market
Determining which professional disciplines people prefer to study and identifying whether they are interested in diplomas, certifications, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees or long term courses, are goals that can be achieved through the application of innovative methodologies based on the analysis of large volumes of data.
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