Washing Machines: How Did Markets Perform in 2020?
Last year, Guatemala was the only market in the region where washing machine imports increased, the remaining five countries decreased their foreign purchases, with El Salvador reporting the worst drop.
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Costa Rica and Guatemala, Main Buyers
During 2020, the main buyer of washing machines in Central America was Guatemala, with $37 million, followed by Costa Rica, with $36 million, Panama, with $22 million, El Salvador, with $15 million, Honduras, with $13 million and Nicaragua, with $9 million.

This year, five of the six Central American markets reduced their purchases in year-on-year terms. Imports fell 4% in Nicaragua, 14% in Costa Rica, 17% in Honduras, 18% in Panama and 25% in El Salvador.

In the case of Guatemala increased its imports by 10% when compared to the amount traded during 2019.

Central America Purchased Fewer Washing Machines in 2020
Between 2019 and 2020 the imported value of washing machines and their parts in Central America decreased 9%, falling from $148 million to $135 million.

For the years under analysis, Central American purchases from Mexican companies increased by 7%, a rise that complements the year-on-year variation of 5% reported between 2018 and 2019.

Mexico and China, Main Suppliers in the Region
In 2020, 28% of regional purchases came from Mexico, 20% from China, 18% from Thailand, 17% from the US, 5% from Vietnam and 3% to Brazil.

In recent years Mexico is the market of origin of imports that has grown the most, since in 2012 it represented 15% of regional purchases and in 2020 the proportion rose to 28%.

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