Business Strategy, Technology and the New Reality
May-11-21 | Defining a technological agenda that includes the development of online sales channels, digital marketing and improvement of processes and operations is essential for companies to meet the challenges they must overcome to compete in the new commercial reality.
Satellite Images for Decision Making
May-7-21 | With the technologies available it is possible to use satellite photos to detect types of surfaces and roofs, objects, land use and variance in farmland, and then analyze the results and transform them into useful data for business decision making.
Informal Market Challenges: Big Data as a Tool
Apr-30-21 | The analysis of data and large volumes of images, combined with the implementation of innovative methodologies, allows companies to size up how many of their products could be marketed in outlets classified as informal.
Urban Mobility and Commercial Intelligence
Apr-28-21 | Estimating transportation costs per person, calculating the floating population that travels through a certain sector and establishing their socioeconomic level, is essential to know exactly what should be the right location for a new station to serve customers who demand mobility services within the cities.
How are Consumer Interests Changing?
Apr-23-21 | During the first quarter of 2021 in the countries of the region, consumers increased their interest in beer, motorcycles, vegetarian food, spa services, air travel, extreme sports and apartment rentals.
How to Identify the Most Profitable Retailers?
Apr-21-21 | Analyzing the offerings of a supermarket, department store or convenience store and examining what type of consumers frequent those establishments is key to establishing which chains a company's products should be present in to increase their profitability.
Big Data for Retail Space Optimization
Apr-16-21 | Defining the design of a shopping center, determining the mix of store types and the optimal size of stores to maximize the benefits of commercial areas, are objectives that can be achieved through the proper analysis of large volumes of data.
Shareholders and Access to Information
Apr-15-21 | In Costa Rica, the Constitutional Chamber ruled in favor of the Observatorio Ciudadano de Transparencia Fiscal, an institution that filed an appeal to obtain information on how many individuals appear as owners of shares.
Price Management and Proposal Value
Apr-9-21 | Deploying all the analysis capacity to identify and value the differentials of the proposals, so that the customer is aware of the additional value of the products or services they will buy, is key to sell at higher prices.
Going Into Debt to Survive
Mar-12-21 | As a result of the economic crisis generated by the pandemic, it is estimated that four out of every five Central American companies were forced to increase their debts in order to sustain their operations.
Economic Growth, Business and Costs
Mar-11-21 | High social charges, excessive regulations for businesses and the high price of labor are factors that prevent Costa Rica's economy from reaching its growth potential.
Business Intelligence: Data as Maps
Mar-9-21 | The large volumes of information that are generated at every moment in the digital environment allow transforming data into maps, tools that serve for the development of Business Intelligence solutions that are used by business leaders in all sectors.
Fast Food: Expansion Plans Redesigned
Feb-26-21 | Relocating existing restaurants, strengthening the digital sales channel and identifying the areas where consumers are currently concentrated in order to choose the location of new stores are some of the strategies of the chains when executing their expansion plans.
Consumers: How to Get Reliable Information?
Feb-23-21 | In order to obtain truthful and accurate information free of any bias, it is preferred to analyze consumers through their online behavior, because when conducting traditional surveys, people tend to lie to give a good impression.
Central American Consumer: Trends at the beginning of 2021
Feb-15-21 | During January of this year in the countries of the region, consumers increased their interest in vehicle and home insurance, advertising services, motorcycles, vegetarian food and apartment rentals.
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