Private Security Services and Monitoring Center
Jul-5-21 | In Tegucigalpa, Honduras tenders for 106 private security guards and 220 video surveillance cameras for the Hospital Escuela, Peripheral Emergency Clinics and Mobile Hospital.
Tender for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Honduras
Jul-1-21 | The National Institute for the Care of Juvenile Offenders of Honduras, tenders the supply of maintenance six times a year of the 61 air conditioning units in the main buildings of the pedagogical centers for more than $17 thousand.
Brazil: Main Supplier of Water Heaters
Jun-28-21 | In 2019 and 2020, Brazilian companies were the main suppliers of water heaters in the Central American market, since in both years they cornered more than 30% of total regional imports.
Tender for Data Center Equipment
Jun-24-21 | The Honduran Social Security Institute tenders the supply and installation of UPS, temperature and humidity monitoring system, air conditioning, security door and biometric access control, for the institution's data centers.
Photovoltaic Systems: International Tender
Jun-22-21 | Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica de Honduras is bidding for the supply of household photovoltaic systems to be used in the municipalities of Corpus and Concepcion de Maria, in the department of Choluteca.
Electric Generators: How did the Market Perform in 2020?
Jun-4-21 | During last year, imports of electric generators increased year-on-year in Nicaragua and Guatemala, and decreased in Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras and El Salvador.
Air Conditioning Equipment: $147 Million in Purchases
May-31-21 | In 2020, companies in the region bought abroad air conditioning equipment for $147 million, with Nicaragua being the only Central American market that in year-on-year terms increased its imports.
Washing Machines: How Did Markets Perform in 2020?
May-27-21 | Last year, Guatemala was the only market in the region where washing machine imports increased, the remaining five countries decreased their foreign purchases, with El Salvador reporting the worst drop.
Microwave Ovens: $25 Million in Business in the Region
May-14-21 | In 2020, companies in Central American countries imported microwave ovens for $25 million, and 78% of total purchases were made from companies in China and Malaysia.
Electric Cables: How are the Markets Performing?
May-13-21 | During 2020, imports of electrical wires and cables in Nicaragua and Guatemala increased in year-on-year terms, and in the cases of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama they decreased considerably.
International Tender: Ultrasound Equipment
May-13-21 | In Honduras the supply of mobile and fixed ultrasound equipment for family health teams and Health Managers is tendered, the contract must include training services for users.
Water Heaters: Business with China is Gaining Presence
Apr-27-21 | In recent years Chinese water heaters have gained importance in terms of the amount purchased, since from January to September 2012 they represented 12% of total Central American imports and for the same period of 2020 the proportion rose to 18%.
Fiber Optic Cables: Business Increases 18%
Apr-21-21 | From January to September 2020, Central American countries imported fiber optic cables for $45 million, 18% more than what was reported in the same period of 2019, a rise that is explained by the behavior of purchases from Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala.
Industry: Opportunities in Global Value Chains
Apr-13-21 | In Costa Rica, of the total number of exporters whose majority of shipments are in the metal-mechanics, electrical and electronics or plastics sectors, 25% meet a profile of potential participation in global value chains.
Air Conditioning Equipment: What Markets Are Growing?
Mar-17-21 | From January to September 2020 companies in the region bought abroad air conditioning equipment for $ 110 million, being Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica, Central American markets in year-on-year terms increased their imports.
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