Lack of Leadership and Ungovernability
Oct-16-20 | Faced with increasing chaos in Costa Rica due to demonstrations and blockades, a part of the business sector decided, unilaterally, to negotiate with representatives of the movement that incites to protest, and to reject the official call by the President of the Republic.
Land Invasion: From Temporary to Permanent
Oct-15-20 | Over two years have passed since criminal groups invaded productive land in Nicaragua, and although there have been promises to restore the rights of the owners, up to date 29 properties remain taken.
Road Infrastructure: Bureaucracy vs. Needs
Oct-8-20 | More than two years after an initiative was presented in Guatemala to create an autonomous entity made up of the government and private investors, which would be in charge of planning and executing road works, the proposal has not yet received the endorsement of the Legislative and the road network is still in poor condition.
Economic Recovery: A Ship with No Captain
Jul-13-20 | At the height of the pandemic and economic crisis, the Costa Rican president announced, on a national chain, an economic recovery plan with no clear direction, no assigned leaders and no concrete actions.
Suspension of Basic Services Banned
May-21-20 | In Guatemala, a legislative project prohibiting cuts in water, electricity, cable TV, telephone and Internet services during the state of calamity, which was decreed by the outbreak of covid-19 in the country, was published.
Dilemma of the Economic Rebound
May-19-20 | Although the President of El Salvador seeks to maintain absolute quarantine, the Legislative Assembly of that country approved a law that establishes the measures that will be applied to gradually resume labor and economic activity, in both the public and private sectors.
Costa Rica Joins the OECD
May-15-20 | After 5 years of managing the admission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Council of the organization agreed to formally extend the invitation to the Central American country to become the 38th member.
Quarantine: Total Closure in Guatemala
May-15-20 | By presidential decree and in order to mitigate the outbreak of covid-19 in the country, from May 14 at 6 pm until May 18 at 5 am, there is total restriction of movement and closure of all commercial establishments.
Quarantine: Controversy Over Increased Restrictions
May-8-20 | The Salvadoran business sector is calling for a reversal of the more rigid restriction measures implemented by the Bukele administration since May 7, arguing that the ban on public transport units has generated chaos.
Curfew Relaxed in Guatemala
Apr-20-20 | The government decided to extend the travel restrictions until April 27, but now the ban on people and vehicles applies only between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. the next day.
El Salvador: Government Suspends Investments
Apr-14-20 | In order to redirect public resources due to the covid-19 outbreak, the government decided that investment projects that have not started to be implemented and those that are at an advanced stage will be suspended.
Hotel Bookings: Controversy in Costa Rica
Apr-13-20 | Hoteliers believe that the government's recommendation to return the full amount to guests who had rooms reserved, who for the moment will not be able to enjoy the service because of the health crisis, is unworkable.
Guatemala: Labor Contracts Suspended
Apr-8-20 | Following the state of calamity in the country, the Ministry of Labor created an electronic procedure, through which companies can temporarily suspend the contracts of their workers.
Restaurants: Entrepreneurs Ask Government for Support
Apr-2-20 | In response to the health crisis facing Panama, the sector's union requested government intervention to suspend rent collections and payment of employer's fees.
Costa Rica Close to Joining the OECD
Mar-31-20 | After the country has completed the 22 required assessments called for in the roadmap, in the coming months the organization's Council should take the decision to invite the country to formally become a member.
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