$9 Million in Construction Materials
Oct-12-21 | The Dominican Republic government tenders different construction materials for the Rapid Action brigades that will repair houses.
$12 Million in Vehicles
Oct-5-21 | The Dominican Republic, through the National System of Emergency Attention and Security 911, tenders the acquisition of 192 different vehicles that will cover emergency services and patient transfer, therefore, they must be stocked with medicines and equipped.
Tender for Anchors
Oct-5-21 | Tender for the acquisition of 200 anchors for Roosvelt Hospital with immediate delivery for a supply period of twelve months, with the necessary equipment for its installation and operation.
Tender for Shelves and Racks in Honduras
Sep-27-21 | The Customs Administration of Honduras requires the purchase of furniture for its offices and laboratory, with a lead time of between a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 calendar days.
Bid for Vehicles and Motorcycles in Dominican Republic
Sep-27-21 | The Instituto Dominicano del Cafe tenders the purchase of vehicles and motorcycles for the institute's technical staff.
Tender for Uniforms for Staff in Panama
Sep-27-21 | The Public Registry requires the supply and manufacture of uniforms for male and female staff nationwide to replace the current ones, which are already four years old and show signs of deterioration, as part of the Social Welfare Program for public servants.
$192 Million for Hydrometeorological Sensors
Sep-27-21 | The Costa Rican Electricity Institute carries out an international public tender for the acquisition of different equipment for the measurement in hydrometeorological stations.
Balanced Animal Feed in Honduras
Sep-22-21 | The National Autonomous University of Honduras requires the acquisition of balanced feed for animal production and mineral supplement provisions for the Centro Universitario Regional del Litoral Atlantico.
Tender for Construction Materials in Guatemala
Sep-20-21 | The Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing of Guatemala is conducting a tender to purchase different materials for the construction of houses for people affected by the tropical depressions Eta and Iota in some municipalities of the departments of Petén, Zacapa and Alta Verapaz.
Tender for Technological Equipment in Dominican Republic
Sep-20-21 | The Ministry of Labor of the Dominican Republic requires different technology equipment for communications, ranging from batteries for lights to computers in different quantities.
Disposable Medical Supplies
Sep-20-21 | The Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS), requires the purchase of four million two hundred thousand disposables, sterile venoclysis equipment for the infusion of serum, the form of delivery in six dates with 700 thousand units each, starting on January 20, 2022 and the following with two months of interval.
$14 Million in Airport Cleaning Services in Panama
Sep-14-21 | Panama requires specialized cleaning and sanitation services for Terminal 1, 2 and Cargo Terminal, annex buildings and surrounding areas of Tocumen International Airport for a 36-month period.
Building Lease in Costa Rica
Sep-14-21 | In Costa Rica, the lease of a building to house DRIPSSRB officials is being tendered in the form of an abbreviated bidding process.
Medical Supplies for COVID-19
Sep-14-21 | In Nicaragua, the general procurement division of the Ministry of Health tenders the procurement of medicines, MRP and laboratories for the supply of health units with COVID-19 care.
Tender for Vehicle Tires in Guatemala
Sep-13-21 | The Municipality of San Pedro Soloma in Guatemala requires the purchase of tires for machinery, trucks and vehicles, totaling 136 for fiscal year 2021.
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