Covid-19: Forecast for the Textile Sector
Mar-26-20 | The impact that the crisis will have on companies related to the textile, leather and clothing sector in Central America is estimated to be explained, to a greater extent, by the expected drop in sales of carpets and curtains.
Nicaragua: Outlook for the Textile Sector
Mar-25-20 | According to businessmen in the country's textile sector, as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, a reduction in work orders is expected during the second half of the year.
Coronavirus: Every Crisis Brings an Opportunity
Mar-9-20 | Following the spread of the virus globally and the suspension of some production in China, several garment companies in the region have reported increases in their orders.
Tender for Uniforms in Honduras
Mar-9-20 | The Mayor's Office of the Central District of Honduras tenders the supply of uniforms for the Municipal Police.
Honduras: Investments in Industrial Complex
Feb-26-20 | Grupo Elcatex inaugurated the first phase of the San Juan Innovation Park in Choloma, which has 107 thousand square meters of construction and required an initial investment of $240 million.
Fabrics: New Industrial Plant in Honduras
Feb-13-20 | With a $41 million investment, a Nike sportswear manufacturing plant will be built in San Pedro Sula.
Textile Industry: A decade of Good Numbers
Feb-10-20 | Between 2010 and 2019 exports of textile companies in Guatemala reported an average annual growth of 2%, a rise that is attributed to demand from companies in the United States.
Fabrics: Company Closes in Nicaragua
Jan-23-20 | The American Aalfs Uno, which operated in the municipality of Sébaco, in Matagalpa, closed its operations in the country due to a reduction in the number of contracts.
Textile Sector in 2020: Optimism in Nicaragua
Jan-10-20 | Despite global threats, such as the possibility of a global economic slowdown, businessmen in the sector are confident that their sales will continue to rise.
Textile Industry: Water Pollution Controversy
Oct-22-19 | In Guatemala, authorities in the municipality of Mixco threaten to close down textile companies, claiming that some companies are damaging the drainage system by emitting highly contaminated wastewater.
Maquila: Production Keeps Rising in Honduras
Oct-18-19 | Between 2017 and 2018, the Added Value of Production of the Maquila industry in the country increased by 8.2%, and by 2019 the increase is expected to be 7%.
Textile: Optimism for FTA with South Korea
Sep-4-19 | Businessmen from the textile sector of El Salvador foresee that the entry into force of the agreement will increase opportunities to attract new investment from the Asian country.
Better Prices Boost Textile Sector
Aug-14-19 | In the first half of the year in Nicaragua, textile companies reported a slight increase in the volume exported, mainly because of an improvement in prices paid internationally.
New Foreign Investment Projected
Jul-22-19 | In Guatemala, it was announced that business groups from Finland, Brazil, Colombia, India and Japan would be interested in investing in the country.
Manufacturing Activity Falls 4%
Jul-3-19 | Because of the drop in the inventory of raw materials and the behavior of the delivery terms taken by suppliers, in May the Monthly Manufacturing Activity Index in the Dominican Republic dropped 5% with respect to the same month in 2018.
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Textile industry
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