Central America: A Snapshot of the Construction Industry
Mar-18-21 | During 2020 in all countries of the region, construction activity decreased considerably and Central American cement imports stagnated, this adverse scenario is explained by the economic crisis generated by the pandemic.
Economic Activity Begins 2021 on a Downward Trend
Mar-15-21 | During January of this year, production in Costa Rica decreased 4.8% in year-on-year terms, a decline that is explained by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic caused by the outbreak of covid-19.
Construction: Optimism in Costa Rica
Mar-9-21 | The construction sector forecasts that in 2021 investments will increase by 2.1% with respect to what was reported in 2020, a rise that would be explained by the execution of public infrastructure projects.
One Year of Crisis: How are Economies Recovering?
Mar-8-21 | Twelve months after Central America began a health and economic crisis triggered by the covid-19 outbreak, Guatemala was the fastest recovering economy and Panamanian economic activity is the slowest to return to pre-pandemic levels.
Guatemalan Economy Grows at the Beginning of 2021
Mar-4-21 | During January of this year, the Monthly Index of Economic Activity reported a 3.2% increase compared to the level reported in the same month of 2020.
Panamanian GDP Decreased 18% in 2020
Mar-3-21 | The drop in production is explained by the performance of activities that were affected by the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, a situation that lasted for the rest of the year.
Honduran Economic Activity Falls 9% in 2020
Feb-17-21 | At the end of last year, the Monthly Index of Economic Activity reported a -8.5% year-on-year variation, a drop that is explained by the negative effects generated by the outbreak of covid-19 and tropical storms Iota and Eta.
Costa Rica: Economic Activity Falls 5% in 2020
Feb-15-21 | In December 2020, the Monthly Index of Economic Activity reported a year-on-year variation of -5.1%, a drop that is explained by the restrictions imposed due to the covid-19 outbreak.
Economic Recovery: Honduras Retreats
Jan-19-21 | As a result of the pandemic in May 2020, the IMAE hit bottom by falling 22% year-on-year, but from June onwards, smaller falls began to be reported and in October the decline was barely 1%; however, in November the country fell back by 12%.
Economic Growth: Improved Forecasts for the Region
Jan-14-21 | The World Bank has improved economic growth projections for all Central American economies for 2021, with Honduras, El Salvador and Panama having the most promising forecasts.
Economic Recovery: Far Away On The Horizon
Jan-13-21 | Because of the fall in economic activity and the restrictions imposed to contain the spread of covid-19, businessmen in Costa Rica and Panama predict that the process of economic recovery will not be completed in the near future.
Economic Reopening: Plans in Panama
Jan-12-21 | After restrictions were imposed on people's mobility during the holiday season to stop the spread of covid-19, Panamanian authorities reported that as of January 14 there will be a return to the process of "gradual and asymmetric reopening.
Economic Recovery: Costa Rica Stagnates
Jan-12-21 | In the context of the pandemic, the Costa Rican economy does not show clear signs of recovery, since during November 2020 the Monthly Index of Economic Activity reported an annual fall of 6.2%, a decline that is similar to that reported in October when it was 6.3%.
Economy in 2021: How to Accelerate Recovery?
Jan-4-21 | Strengthening the confidence of economic agents through a solution to the problem of public finances and moving forward with the process of vaccinating the population are key factors for the Costa Rican economy to recover quickly in the new year.
Panama: Economic Activity Recovers Dynamism
Dec-17-20 | Due to the crisis generated by the covid-19, in May 2020 the economic activity registered its worst decline by falling 31% in year-on-year terms, however, as of June minor decreases were reported and in September the drop was 22%.
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