Tender for Laser Equipment in Honduras
Aug-6-21 | A Teaching Hospital in Honduras requires laser equipment for ophthalmological use in surgeries and therapy, with physical and digital manual, case to store the complete equipment, lenses for the indirect laser ophthalmoscope and other specifications.
Elevator Purchase and Installation
Aug-3-21 | Two hospitals of the Honduran Institute of Private Security and the RSPS building are tendered for the purchase and installation of four elevators.
Tender for Medicines
Aug-2-21 | The National Oncology Institute of Panama requires a global tender for the award of the supply, storage, transportation and partial delivery of 1251 vials of Pembrolizumab 25/ML solution for intravenous infusion.
Tender for Medical Supplies
Jul-29-21 | The Honduran Institute of Social Security requires two deliveries to the Central Warehouse of several medical surgical supplies.
Tender for Green Areas Maintenance Service in Panama
Jul-23-21 | The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Panama is looking for the maintenance service of green areas in the different communities of the reverted areas of the pacific sector.
Tender for 1,250 Uniforms
Jul-20-21 | The Health Regulation Agency of Honduras requires the purchase of uniforms for its collaborators, in order to cover the identification needs of the institution's staff and strengthen the Agency's institutional image.
Tender for Vehicle Purchase
Jul-6-21 | The Empresa Nacional de Artes Graficas de Honduras will purchase a minibus and a double cab pick up, both must be 2021 model, with factory warranty for three years.
Private Security Services and Monitoring Center
Jul-5-21 | In Tegucigalpa, Honduras tenders for 106 private security guards and 220 video surveillance cameras for the Hospital Escuela, Peripheral Emergency Clinics and Mobile Hospital.
Tender for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Honduras
Jul-1-21 | The National Institute for the Care of Juvenile Offenders of Honduras, tenders the supply of maintenance six times a year of the 61 air conditioning units in the main buildings of the pedagogical centers for more than $17 thousand.
Tender for Data Center Equipment
Jun-24-21 | The Honduran Social Security Institute tenders the supply and installation of UPS, temperature and humidity monitoring system, air conditioning, security door and biometric access control, for the institution's data centers.
Photovoltaic Systems: International Tender
Jun-22-21 | Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica de Honduras is bidding for the supply of household photovoltaic systems to be used in the municipalities of Corpus and Concepcion de Maria, in the department of Choluteca.
Tender for Maintenance Services for RFID Systems
Jun-21-21 | The Honduran Customs Administration tender’s maintenance and warranty services for RFID installations at the borders the country shares with Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Tender for Infant Formula in Honduras
Jun-9-21 | The Ministry of Public Health tenders the supply of different types of complete and balanced enteral nutritional formula for infants and adults.
International Tender: IT Equipment
Jun-2-21 | The Secretariat of Security of Honduras tenders the supply of IT equipment for the Tutoring Unit and for the Police Headquarters located in La Puerta in San Pedro Sula, Las Vegas in Santa Barbara, Tela in Atlantida and Olanchito in Yoro.
Mobile Digital Classrooms: International Tender
May-28-21 | The Ministry of Education of Nicaragua tenders the supply of all equipment and technological tools, learning software and related services for Mobile Digital Classrooms in Primary schools.
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