Tender for Immigration System Postponed
Apr-6-16 | In Guatemala the government is preparing to make a new diagnosis of the immigration control system to structure a new tender in the future.
Tocumen: Online Immigration Pre-check
Feb-1-16 | Using a mobile application travelers arriving at Tocumen airport can carry out security prechecks up to two weeks before arriving in the country.
Immigrants: Workers Who are "Different"
Jan-18-16 | The disordered nature of their living conditions has been described as a positive catalyst for creative thinking.
Companies Prequalified for Immigration System Tender
Aug-6-15 | In Honduras the start of the process for international prequalification of companies for the development and implementation of immigration and passport issuance system has been announced .
Panama Changes its Immigration Policy
May-22-15 | It has been announced that there will be an end to liberality in granting residence permits in the so-called melting pot, and the revision of the immigration status of resident foreigners whose papers have expired.
Guatemala: Contract for Immigration System Canceled
May-22-15 | A contract was awarded to the Swiss company Security Assistance Group, SA but it is one of the disputed contracts in the context of the corruption that has been uncovered in the country.
El Salvador is Losing its Human Resources
Apr-10-15 | The emigration of six out of seven Salvadorans who have studied for 12 years or more is removing a vital resource for economic performance, preventing improvements to labor productivity in the country.
Panama: Law Eliminating Melting Pot Halted
Feb-26-15 | The government has asked the Assembly to return to the first legislative body a bill which eliminates the immigration fairs and to start discussions to establish a migration code.
The Debate Over Foreign Workers
Feb-18-15 | "... Some of the professions reserved for national citizens are chemical engineering and petrochemicals, careers which are not offered by any university in Panama. "
MGP Panama Organization that operates in El Salvador and Panama.
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Panama Changes its Immigration Policy
Sep-16-14 | An announcement has been made that the next round of issuance of residence permits to foreigners will be the last, in a change to the policy "aimed at strengthening borders to preventing the influx of illegal immigrants."
Costa Rica: Flexibility for Foreign Labor
Aug-25-14 | Businessmen are demanding that costs be reduced and the procedures required for immigrants to obtain temporary work permits be simplified.
Outlook for Urban Development in Guatemala
Mar-24-14 | The National Development Plan of K'atun projects that in 2032 79% of the population will live in urban areas, and identifies the areas with the greatest potential for investment.
Panama Continues to Regularizing Foreign Workers
Oct-16-13 | Another 11,000 foreigners from 44 different countries have regularized their immigration status and obtained work and residency permits.
Relocation Services in Costa Rica  
Jul-22-13 | The constant temporary migration of transnational business executives has made a growing market for relocation service for professionals and their families.
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