Trade Agreements, Challenges and Opportunities
Apr-8-21 | The time and cost of maritime routes between Costa Rica and China, and the capacity that the food industry develops to take advantage of existing opportunities, are factors that in the coming years will influence the evolution of the FTA signed between the two countries.
Retail: Costs vs. Profitability
Mar-26-21 | Accurately calculating freight costs and delivery times to make online sales profitable for companies are, in this context of the e-commerce rise, some of the most important challenges for the retail sector.
Enterprise Solutions: Logistics Applications
Mar-24-21 | Identifying whether in the logistics chain of crates used for beverage transportation there are possible illegitimate uses and detecting the points in the process where theft is more likely to occur, are part of the problems that can be solved through business intelligence methodologies.
Logistics Complexes and Market Demand
Mar-15-21 | Small warehouses located in strategic locations that serve to quickly distribute the merchandise sold online, are the type of properties that in this context of new business reality have gained ground.
Logistics: Investments in Costa Rica
Mar-12-21 | Segex, a logistics company that operates in Costa Rica's Coyol Free Zone, invested $10 million to build new infrastructure and equip its facilities.
Delivery: New Competitor in El Salvador
Mar-11-21 | PedidosYa, a digital platform for home delivery of different types of products, began operating in the local market and will initially cover customers in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador.
Logistics Mismatch Pushing Costs Upward
Mar-5-21 | Due to the imbalance in world trade flows, shipping lines have changed their routes and prefer to move empty containers to Asia, a situation that generates shortages and causes increases in freight rates and raw material prices.
Supply Chains: Challenges in the New Reality
Mar-2-21 | Reducing delivery times of products sold through digital channels and maintaining different supply and distribution options to face scenarios of trade restrictions are some of the challenges that companies face in this new business reality.
Logistics Development: What Investment is Needed?
Feb-15-21 | Investment in the construction of new ports is essential for a country like Panama, whose economy depends heavily on the logistics sector, to continue to compete globally in the coming years.
Logistics: Cost Increases Forecast for 2021
Dec-21-20 | Mandatory use of low-sulfur fuel by ships, shortage of containers and priority for medical supplies and vaccines will push up sea and air freight costs.
PepsiCo Operates New Distribution Center
Dec-17-20 | The industrial complex that began operating in October 2020 in the municipality of Villa Nueva, department of Guatemala, has an area of 43,500 square meters, an installed capacity of 12,000 pallets and required an investment of approximately $27 million.
Courier Service: Promising Business
Nov-25-20 | Due to restrictions on mobility, the increase in online shopping and changes in consumer habits, the volume of international and local package movements in Costa Rica is showing an upward trend.
Challenges of Seasonal Sales
Nov-11-20 | Maintaining proper inventories to meet demand, having a robust logistics system and an electronic sales channel that protects your customers when they make a purchase, are part of the challenges that businesses face in this new reality.
New Logistics Project in Guatemala
Nov-3-20 | Calidad Inmobiliaria announced that it will build in Condado Naranjo, municipality of Mixco, a logistic center of 72 warehouses distributed in a four level tower.
Food: Logistic Center Begins to Operate
Oct-26-20 | On October 22nd, Nestle inaugurated its new 21,000 square meter distribution center located in the municipality of Villa Nueva, Guatemala, a project that required an investment of close to $11 million.
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