Restrictions on the Importation of Used Vehicles
Apr-30-21 | The authorities in Guatemala informed that the importation and registration of used vehicles that are seven years old or older, and whose engine does not start, will not be allowed.
Vehicles: New Sales Office in El Salvador
Apr-23-21 | Excel Automotriz opened a new branch in El Salvador, located at kilometer 10 of the Pan-American Highway, on the road to Santa Tecla.
Tender for Vehicle Maintenance Services
Apr-15-21 | The Ministry of Health of El Salvador tenders preventive and corrective maintenance services for vehicles used by the central administration and regional offices.
Tender for Vehicles in the Dominican Republic
Apr-13-21 | The Sistema Nacional de Atencion a Emergencias y Seguridad 911 tenders the supply of different types of vehicles.
Guatemala: Outlook for the Automotive Market
Apr-12-21 | Shortage of some vehicle lines due to the drop in production and lack of space in cargo ships are some of the factors that will affect distributors competing in the local market during 2021.
Car Batteries: Business with South Korea Increasing
Apr-8-21 | From January to September 2020, Central American imports of vehicle batteries totaled $155 million, and purchases from Korean companies increased 27% compared to the same period in 2019.
Filling Stations: New Investment in Costa Rica
Mar-29-21 | On March 19, Metalub began operating a new Filling Station located in Walmart Escazu, an establishment with 285 square meters of floor space.
Tender for Vehicles in El Salvador
Mar-17-21 | The Supreme Court of Justice tenders the supply of sedan type vehicles, pick up, motorcycles and units to be used as ambulances.
Luxury Cars: How is the Market Behaving?
Mar-15-21 | After in 2020 in the Salvadoran market the marketing of vehicles classified as luxury decreased 20%, brands such as BMW expect that 2021 will be better, since its local sales in the first two months of the year started off well by increasing 8% year-on-year.
Vehicles: New Competitor in Costa Rica
Mar-10-21 | Corporacion de Industria Automotriz de Beijing, which opened a dealership in La Uruca, San José, expects to sell between 800 and 1,000 vehicles of different types in the next three years.
Vehicles: How Much Did Sales Fall in 2020?
Mar-2-21 | In El Salvador during last year, sales of new vehicles decreased 24%, a drop that can be explained by the closing of borders, the technical stoppage of plants worldwide and home quarantines decreed due to the outbreak of covid-19.
SUVs: Interest and Consumers in the region
Feb-26-21 | At the beginning of 2021 in Costa Rica and El Salvador, interest in this type of vehicle reported a clear rebound, in contrast to the situation registered in Guatemala, Panama and the Dominican Republic, markets in which Internet searches decreased.
Vehicle Sales: Optimism in Panama
Jan-28-21 | After a 50% year-on-year fall in new car sales in 2020, Panamanian businessmen expect a 25% increase in the number of units sold in the local market by 2021.
Car Batteries: How are the Markets Performing?
Jan-27-21 | In the first half of 2020, imports of vehicle batteries in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala increased in year-on-year terms, and in Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama there were decreases.
Vehicle Fleet Increased in 2020: How to Explain?
Jan-18-21 | Restrictions on mobilization due to the number of plates, the fear of using public transportation and the increase in demand for delivery services explain the 8% growth that Guatemala's vehicle fleet experienced between 2019 and 2020.
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