Palm Oil: Costa Rica is the Main Exporter in 2020
Sep-16-21 | In 2020, Costa Rica positioned itself as the largest exporter in Central America by selling $148.4 million, and the Netherlands acquired 24.87% of the region's exports.
Foot Traffic Data Business Benefits
Sep-7-21 | Foot traffic data consists of spatial data (GIS), and is at the core of building intelligent strategies, transportation routes, processes and decision making in both public and private sectors.
Pet Food: Costa Rica, Main Buyer in the Region in 2020
Sep-7-21 | In 2020, Costa Rica was the largest importer of pet food with a value of $41.7 million, in addition, the United States was the largest supplier of this category in Central America with a $61.4 million share.
Shrimp: Export Figures up to September 2020
Aug-26-21 | Between the third quarter of 2019 and the same period of 2020 the exported value of frozen shrimp and prawns registered a 6% decrease, going from $219 million to $205 million.
Benefits of Geolocation and Big Data in the Agricultural Sector
Aug-5-21 | Geolocation systems and Big Data turn data into information that farmers and land managers can use to make more informed and timely decisions to increase productivity.
Rice: Honduras Largest Importer in the First Quarter of 2021
Aug-5-21 | In the first quarter of 2021 the main rice importing country in Central America was Honduras with $21 million, purchases to the United States, Costa Rica, Argentina and Mexico increased by 80.78%, 4.1%, 3.55% and 2.74%, in their order.
Costa Rica: Main Banana Exporter in Central America in 2020
Aug-2-21 | In 2020, the main exporter of fresh or dried bananas in Central America was Costa Rica, with $1,083 million, followed by Guatemala, with $930 million, Honduras, with $531 million, Panama with $152 million and Nicaragua with $23 million.
Big Data Models Most Used in Business
Jul-12-21 | Any data model in Big Data must be designed and developed to meet the needs of the business, and for this, it is necessary to know the objectives and goals of the organization, so that it effectively has the necessary functionalities to facilitate the decision-making process in the company.
Central American Coffee: Export Prices Rising
Jul-6-21 | Between December 2019 and December 2020, an upward trend in the average price of regional coffee exports was reported, going from $2.72 to $3.14 per kilo.
Palm Oil: Regional Sales Up 22%
Jul-1-21 | During 2020, exports from Central America of palm oil and its fractions totaled $986 million, an amount that exceeds by 22% what was reported in 2019.
Meat and Sausages: New Competitor in Costa Rica
Jun-25-21 | Dos Pinos will begin to compete in the Costa Rican beef, pork and sausage market through the La Granja brand.
Rice: More Business with South America
Jun-23-21 | During 2020, Central American rice imports amounted to $388 million, and purchases from Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay increased in year-on-year terms by 751%, 330% and 218%, respectively.
Frozen Fruit: Sales Price Still Rising
Jun-22-21 | Between August 2019 and December 2020, there was evidence of an upward trend in the average price of Central American frozen fruit exports, as it increased from $1.04 to $1.45 per kilo.
Dairy: Regional Trade Up 7% in 2020
Jun-17-21 | During last year, trade in milk and dairy products between Central American countries totaled $355 million, 7% more than what was recorded in 2019.
Agriculture: Emergency by Giant African Snail
Jun-16-21 | Following the detection of an outbreak of giant African snail in Costa Rica, in the community of Curubande in the canton of Liberia in Guanacaste, local authorities declared a National Phytosanitary Emergency.
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