Nicaragua: NO to Single Regional Compensation System
Mar-5-13 | Nicaraguan businesses say they will continue to manage their business operations in dollars because they are not prepared to use the Sucre.
Nicaragua Adheres to Sucre
Nov-29-12 | Nicaragua's National Assembly approved the country's accession to the SUCRE regional payments system.
Nicaraguan Exporters Reluctant Over Sucre
Oct-25-12 | The industry is concerned about the currency that is defined by reference to trade with Venezuela through the Unitary System for Compensation of Regional Payments (known as SUCRE).
Nicaragua: Pressure to Ratify Sucre as Currency
Oct-24-12 | Pending in the Nicaraguan National Assembly is adherence to the Unitary System for Regional Compensation Payments, using the Sucre as currency in trade between the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance.
Nicaragua Plans to Own a Shipping Company
Jul-19-12 | The National Port Company has announced the commissioning of a ship with a capacity for 3,500 tons of cargo, to cover shipping routes connecting the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance.
Nicaragua Will Not Negotiate FTA with Venezuela
Sep-2-10 | The trade minister has denied the possibility of the country signing a free trade agreement (FTA) with Venezuela.
Nicaraguan Exports to Venezuela
Jul-22-10 | There are concerns that the trade partners are constructing a commercial “house of cards” built on shaky foundations made of political rhetoric.
Nicaragua Inaugurates $52 Million Power Plant
Jun-11-10 | Called “Solidaridad”, the 54MW plant is located in the Nagarote municipality.
Nicaragua to Adopt SUCRE
Mar-3-10 | The Central Bank of Nicaragua has earmarked $24 million for an account in SUCRE to be used by importers and exporters.
Nicaragua Triples Exports to Venezuela
Jan-22-10 | From 2007 to 2009, Nicaraguan exports to Venezuela have skyrocketed, going from $6.3 million to $112.9 million.
Alba To Implement Sucre for Payments
Jan-12-10 | A rice shipment from Venezuela to Cuba will become the first trade transaction done using Sucres ("Unitary System for the Regional Compensation of Payments").
Venezuelan Trade Mission in Nicaragua
Nov-4-09 | An official delegation will discuss several development programs with their Nicaraguan counterparts.
Venezuela Approved $50 million for Nicaragua
Jun-15-09 | The funds will be used in the projects that were going to be financed by the withdrawn resources of the U.S. Millennium Challenge Fund.
Nicaragua: $3 Million for Agriculture
May-19-09 | The World Bank approved $3 million for the Government of Nicaragua to purchase eeds and supplies for basic-grain planting.
Nicaraguan Refinery Studies Presented
Apr-3-09 | It was announced that the Supremo Sueño de Bolivar (Bolivar’s Ultimate Dream) refinery will now be located on the Miramar coast and not in Nagarote.
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