Businessmen Hope for Continuity at Central Bank
Feb-16-12 | Business leaders are hoping that the Central Bank of Nicaragua will continue to maintain its independence from the central government after the departure of Antenor Rosales.
Change of Chairman at Central Bank of Nicaragua
Feb-15-12 | A week after Antenor Rosales declared that international reserves "are not to be managed according to someone’s whims and preferences", he has been dismissed by President Ortega.
Nicaragua: Streamlined Procedures for Exemptions
Jun-13-11 | The idea is to make it faster for farmers to perform the procedures required for tax exemptions.
Banking Legal Reserve Requirements Reduced in Nicaragua
Feb-17-11 | The Central Bank announced that the daily legal reserve requirement will now be 12%, while it now stands at 16.25% weekly.
Nicaragua Concludes IMF Negotiation
Sep-17-10 | The country expects to signs a Letter of Intent related to the technical extension of the IMF's Extended Credit Facility.
Nicaragua Begins Negotiations with IMF
Sep-10-10 | The Nicaraguan government is meeting with an IMF mission to hold discussions on a $78 million loan.
Nicaragua to Ask IMF to Extend Economic Program
Sep-7-10 | The president of the central bank announced that they will request a year's extension for the program due to expire in October.
Banex Nicaragua Definitive Closure
Aug-5-10 | The banking regulator has requested shareholders to begin the liquidation process of the financial institution.
Nicaragua: Banex Bank Loses 66% of Deposits
Jun-18-10 | The Central Bank (BCN) informed that in the last five months, the bank has seen its deposits fell 65.78%
Nicaragua: Salary Bonus Jeopardizes $80 Million IMF Loan
May-10-10 | The International Monetary Fund questioned a so called ‘salary bonus’ for 125.000 state employees.
Nicaragua Concludes Fourth IMF Revision
Apr-8-10 | On May, the board of the IMF could approve it and disburse $18 million, out of $35.6 pledged for 2010.
Nicaragua Plans to Sell Over $200 Million to Venezuela
Mar-29-10 | Antenor Rosales, president of the Central Bank of Nicaragua, stated that in 2010 the country will sell over $200 million to Venezuela.
Fewer Credit Cards Issued in Nicaragua
Mar-26-10 | In the past 11 months, the credit card industry shrank by $2.49 million.
Nicaragua to Adopt SUCRE
Mar-3-10 | The Central Bank of Nicaragua has earmarked $24 million for an account in SUCRE to be used by importers and exporters.
Nicaragua under IMF Review
Feb-24-10 | Should the country receive a positive grade, IMF would disburse $17.8 million out of the $35.6 million it has earmarked for Nicaragua in 2010.
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